Zach Powers

Writer/Editor x MFA Student x Digital Storyteller

United States

--Editor of ResoLute Magazine and Director of Communications at Pacific Lutheran University
--MFA (Creative Nonfiction) student at the Rainier Writers Workshop
--Former freelance contributor to the Weekly Volcano, Tacoma Weekly, Anchorage Daily News, South Sound Magazine, Post Defiance, and others.

Evergreen Magazine
The Hilltop Dynamo

It was a rainy Tuesday in January 2007 and Korbett Mosesly '11, MPA '17 had a decision to make. In the morning, the youngest of his three sons, Andre, was having a kidney removed. That evening, he was scheduled to attend his first class at Evergreen-Tacoma.

ResoLute Magazine
Performers on and off the stage

Kate Monthy ’04 and Dmitry Mikheyev ’10 are, among many things, performers. Monthy graces audiences as an accomplished ballet dancer and choreographer. Mikheyev, also known as Dominique D’Amour and Mylo Precious, dazzles in drag and burlesque shows around the Pacific Northwest.

PLU News
David Akuien prepares to return to South Sudan, reunite with his mother

Throughout two years living together, David and I spent countless hours discussing topics typical of college students: politics, religion, dating, etc. Our conversations were open, honest and even chippy at times. But it wasn't until he was featured in the spring 2010 issue of PLU's Scene magazine (now ResoLute) that I knew any details of his personal journey.

Weekly Volcano
What's Next: A look at the present and future of Wash.'s LGBT movement

Some recent spring-cleaning found my Washington United for Marriage yard sign mangled and waterlogged under my front porch. The bright green and white lettering had worn and by the looks of it you might think that it was five years ago, not five months ago, that Washington voters made history by becoming the first ever to make marriage equality law by popular vote.

Weekly Volcano
Harold Moss organized, protested and inspired change in Tacoma

Harold Moss knows a thing or two about perseverance. Tacoma's first African-American Mayor and City Council member and the first African-American elected to the Pierce County Council, Moss began working with the Tacoma chapter of the NAACP in the 1950s, served on Tacoma's First Human Relations Commission (now the Human Rights Commission), and in 1968 helped create the Tacoma Urban League.

ResoLute Magazine
Andrew Austin: Transit advocacy has led him all over the country... and back again

Andrew Austin '06 returned to the city and the organization that collectively helped foster the ascent of his professional and personal vocation. Thankful to have had the opportunity to lead transit-advocacy efforts all over the country, Austin is now back in his element in Tacoma, advocating, organizing and educating on behalf of the issue in the state he loves.

Post Defiance
The Breaklites and a People's History of Independent Hip-Hop

With the release of their new album, I ♥ America, local hip-hop artists The Breaklites have captured and revitalized something essential about alternative rap. To articulate just what that "something" is - to define it for myself - I had to find context.

Weekly Volcano
Washington United for Marriage keeps fighting

Earlier this week Washington United for Marriage, a statewide campaign leading the effort to lobby in support of marriage equality, celebrated the completion of the first half of its mission when Governor Gregoire signed legislation passing same-sex marriage into law. Over the past three months Washington United has directed and equipped advocacy efforts in communities all over the state.

Anchorage Daily News
Report from Sitka's Homeskillet Fest

For the eighth straight year musicians gathered in Sitka in the last weekend of July to spend a summer weekend singing, strumming, rapping, and otherwise music-making for the residents of one of Alaska's most picturesque coastal communities.