Zach Maurer

Content & Copy Writer & Editor

Location icon United States of America

I currently write a weekly column for Oregon Sports I have experience in creating content for different company's websites and marketing strategies, such as Kickstarter. I have also written articles that have been published in several different magazines. My current goals are to continue taking on freelance projects while looking for contract based projects as well. My longterm dream is to work solely in the creative field, penning films, graphic novels, children's books, or working in a writing room on a comedy television show. Also I would enjoy destroying it on a regular basis in column for for fun websites! Aside from working on those in my free-time, I also enjoy writing and occasionally performing stand-up comedy.

Contact Info
Phone - (206) 661 - 6995
Email - [email protected]

Professional References -

Chak Cheung - Founder/Managing Partner of Maxsam Partners - [email protected]

Tim Mushen - CEO of Clocktower Media - [email protected]

Joel WInter - Owner/Videographer/Cinematographer of Wintermedia - [email protected]

Lauren Huntsberger - Communications Editor for Reflections Magazine - [email protected]

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