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Yvette Alatorre

Content Writer

Location icon United States of America

We all have a story and I have the skills to tell it the way you want the world to see it through marketing platforms. I believe that good content captures not only what a business does, but why the people who created that business do what they do.

I have professional writing experience working as a content writer for higher education and as a freelance writer working with different companies. In addition, I am also an avid blogger with published lifestyle and travel articles.

Six Ways to Help Fight the Winter Blues

When the days get shorter, the weather colder and the sun seems to take a vacation - you may feel a sudden shift in mood. If the winter season has you feeling down, you might be experiencing something known as seasonal affective disorder ( SAD).

5 reasons why Illinois State is the school for you

Imagine a place with warm summers and cherry blossoms sprouting in the fall. Picture quirky murals painted on street walls that inspire the artist within you. A place where you're greeted with a smile by each person you come across on your way to class.

Digital Romance Inc.
When to Take a Break From Dating - Digital Romance Inc.

However, sometimes we suffer the unfortunate of having to face the reality that dating is also filled with disappointment, rejection and awkward encounters with people that don't look like their online dating profile picture. It happens! Unfortunately, if we encounter too much of the disappointing things it is enough to send any romantic-hopeful down Bitter Lane.

Digital Romance Inc.
5 Important Lessons About the Dating Scene - Digital Romance Inc.

However, I felt with every experience there was something I learned. Dating became as much of a life lesson as it did about finding love. From a young age we are constantly bombarded with questions about the future. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

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