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Hello, my name is Yvan Sanchez and I am a reporter and student from Las Vegas, Nevada.


UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
Free Will, Satan and San Francisco: A Love Story

Modern Satanism isn't at all what you think it may be. What if you could practice a religion that places no shame on you for your natural human desires; a religion that advocates free love and free will? A religion that is rooted deep in the self, where your destiny is determined by you and ...

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
There is no 'human side' to Charles Manson

Do you think, that over the course of over 45 years, anyone had stopped to think about Charles Manson's... human side? Sure, many journalists, writers and normal people have probably thought about it, but there's simply one problem with that... There is no human side to Charles Manson.

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
UNLV Accounting Team Wins Top Prize at Accounting Competition

The class of 2017's competitive accounting team, which was comprised of some of the best accounting students at UNLV, won the top honors prize at the annual Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) National Case Competition this past summer.

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
The Night My Hometown Changed Forever

I had just left Diversity Tattoo Parlor off of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard with my friend Nick when I noticed two things. First, my Uber had passed me up twice. Second, the entrance to Las Vegas Boulevard was blocked off. Freshly tattooed, I finally got into the car with my arm in its ever-awkward ...

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
UNLV community comes together for candlelight vigil

In an act of unity, a candlelight vigil was held Monday night in the Student Union courtyard, attended by UNLV students, staff and administrators. Members of the press and members of the community were there as well.

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
Polaroid Makes a Comeback - UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press

Polaroid, a company that once dominated a large portion of the photography market, is now back in after almost 10 years out of business. It was in 2008 that the company announced it would formally pull out of the instant photography market, immediately ceasing production of all instant film, cameras and accessories.

UNLV Scarlet & Gray Free Press
Barrick Museum of Art holds reception for spring semester exhibits

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art hosted their opening reception for their spring semester show. They also showcased new exhibits from the Donna Beam Fine Arts Gallery and Grant Hall Gallery. Multiple artists and members from the community attended along with College of Fine Arts Dean Nancy J.

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