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Content Strategist & Writer

Location icon Canada

Yuvika has been a content strategist, HR manager, dancer and yoga enthusiast in no particular order.
A travel enthusiast, she loves exploring different countries.
She lives in Canada and has ghostwritten for a number of B2B and B2C websites for their website content, blogs, e-books, white papers and online publications. Connect with her at [email protected] today to make your content simple and powerful.

Nanda and Associate Lawyers
Accidents | Motor Vehicle Accident | Nanda & Associate Lawyers

When one sustains an injury in a motor vehicle accident there are two potential sources for recovery. The first source that your lawyer will automatically look to are your Statutory Accident Benefits (SAB's). Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to SAB's regardless of fault.

How To hire

Let Indeed help you make a new hire for your business with our step-by-step guide on how to hire employees. Find information on how to decide when to hire, the first steps you should take and more. We have help for you writing a job description, interview questions, and a job offer letter.

The Surprising CRM Stats You Should Know (But Probably Don't)

Technology is transforming business. It has become deeply embedded in all spheres of a business. And not without reason too. Here, I am taking a shot at how Customer Relationship Management software, popularly known as CRM is so vital for businesses. Naah! That's not for me.

Recruiterbox Blog
How to Hire in the Gig Economy

Advancements in technology are continuously providing people with new ways to make money. Not long ago, the majority of professionals worked a usual 40+ hour week in an office or traditional workplace

Recruiterbox Blog
Recipe for Success: 5 Productivity Tools for Startups

Running a startup is a lot of work. It takes commitment, detailed planning and a great deal of time and effort. Since there's so much to it, it's important to use the right tools to accomplish each ta

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