Yulia Rogoza

Freelance Copywriter

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My name is Yulia Rogoza. I am a copywriter for IT projects. My specialization is content creation and SEO copywriting. I'm always ready to write any content for your website, landing page or company's blog.

Yans Media
How to Get Started With Video Marketing in 2020 - Yans Media

99% of marketers are using videos in their promotional strategies and plan to use video content in 2020. This is a very strong reason to start doing the same - and what is more, it is predicted that the time the average user spends on watching videos will increase to 90 minutes per day by 2021.

11 Amazing Content Marketing Examples and Ideas For Your Next Campaign - ReVerb

So, let's get started with the best content marketing examples that leading brands have already implemented and confirmed their efficiency. The time when customers make purchasing decisions based solely on price and quality are long over. Yes, these are certainly important factors, however, the universal values of your company, your business ethics and environmental friendliness of your production are more important than ever.

How to Overcome Main Challenges When Hiring a Remote QA Team - K&C

Here we talk about the need to hire a remote QA team at the product testing stage, the possible challenges you may face and practical ways to overcome them. So, let's answer the question of whether QA outsourcing is able to bring benefits to your business, or perhaps it doesn't make sense to solve all the problems that we list below?

How We Built a Seamless Process Working as a Remote QA Team - K&C

Dedicating our remote team to our customers, we often face different situations and receive non-standard requests. According to the outstaffing model, the client receives an entire team of specialists who work on his project, including the developers themselves, as well as the project manager, marketer, and testing specialists.