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My name is Yulia Rogoza. I am a copywriter for IT projects. My specialization is content creation and SEO copywriting. I'm always ready to write any content for your website, landing page or company's blog.

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Top Blockchain Programming Languages and Why You Should Use Them for Projects With the Highest...

In code we trust! This motto characterizes the most consistent supporters of distributed registry and cryptocurrency technologies. The main goal of the idea is to remove the army of security intermediaries and replace them with program code. Successful Bitcoin blockchain examples prove this is possible. The blockchain algorithm makes it virtually invulnerable to hacking.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Hotel Booking Website? - Mind Studios

Do you want to develop a hotel booking website or introduce an online reservation system for your existing hotel website? We're sharing our theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help you avoid mistakes, save costs, and lead your business to the top.

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How does IOT help with Heart Disease?

The Ways IoT Medical Devices Can Fight Cardiovascular Diseases Statistics, as usual, are firm in their resilience. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common health problems in the world, and this is the main and most widespread cause of death.

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Some Tips to Find the Target Audience for Your Mobile App - Mind Studios

By launching a mobile application, you become part of a global market estimated in the billions of dollars. According to Statista, more than 2 million applications have already been created for Android and iOS. It isn't the easiest task to make your product stand out from the masses and find and keep users.

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How Blockchain Can Deliver Value to Your Business

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity in various fields - from logistics to banking. Its popularity is due to its automation of processes and its ability to solve security problems within a network. Blockchain, with its decentralized network, is already being considered as a new alternative to traditional currencies, centralized banking services, and transaction methods.

How to Ensure the Security In P2P App | WOXAPP

The world is always in motion; it never stands still, constantly changing and developing. In the 21st century, these dynamics have been felt particularly in the rapid growth of technology and globalization, which has become an integral part of our lives. Each of us is faced daily with some or other aspects of technical progress and information exchange.

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Yoga App Development: How to Make an App Like Asana Rebel - Mind Studios

Why people do yoga and how a health app can help Finding the target audience Solvency of the target audience The most successful yoga applications How does Asana Rebel make money? How to make an app like Asana Rebel How much does it cost to make a yoga app?