Gloria Yuen

Assistant Content Producer at The Wharton School

Location icon United States

Creative writer with experience in online content, from features to the 280-character variety. Casual and editorial illustrator.


Wharton Stories

Published Fiction

Cleaver Magazine
Cleaver Magazine | FROM HERE TO THERE by Gloria Yuen

­FROM HERE TO THERE by Gloria Yuen Barrier on, the device declares. "When you initiate the force field," the Head Agent instructs, "you lock yourself in an impenetrable membrane. It will keep danger out. But it will also keep you in." Barrier off, the device declares. I engage Search: Force field, noun.

Invisible Spaces

It is two nights before my dad's 20th birthday. He's with friends at the shore of the southern Chinese border. The rhythm of the tide is a familiar comfort that counts down to their escape. They dash into the water at midnight. Guards on land and water hear their splashes in an instant.

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