Olubunmi Atere

Ceramist, Content Editor, Art Curator & Social Media Manager


I develop compelling and data-driven content, build strategies and manage social media platforms to increase brand awareness, promote customer engagement and drive web traffic.

With over 3 years of experience, functioning in the digital media unit of projects and organizations, I utilize writing and social media to help amplify brands, best competition and increase profits.

My writings – personal essays/memoirs – cut across the intersection of travel, lifestyle, art, music, and food.

📌Currently exploring life as a ceramist.


| Social Media Marketing
| Blog posts
| Art Documentary
| Web contents
| Content Editing
| Press releases
| Virtual Assistance
| Wardrobe Styling

Previous Engagements:

| Brand development & Creative agency
| Media & Production agency
| Social Gamification Platform
| Urban Art company
| Social Enterprise
| Consultancy

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Contact: [email protected]

Ado Awaye: 5 hiker's guide to Africa's Suspended Lake

20km west of Iseyin local government of Oyo state is a rising tourist paradise, Ado Awaye - home to the fascinating suspended lake ( Iyake), one of the two recognized in the world, second to the hanging lake in Colorado, U.S.A.

Health Test: A record of scare

I unzipped my bag, rummaging for my throat lozenge amidst tangled earphones, transaction receipts, a notepad and a host of other things. I was sitting at my desk at work, trying to rid myself of a sore throat. Grimacing, I shook the contents in my bag into my lap.

Travel Diary: Ofada rice, time and adding value

As one not easily given to falling asleep on a long road trip, I had just gotten ready to kick off with my playlist and some reading when the thought of the price of my Ofada meal crossed my mind and...

Ilorin: A Tango with the Unknown

I remember saying I do not like Ilorin, I can't remember why, but that was long ago. I made my first trip to Ilorin mid May through rain and shine, literally. I had taken a break from the craziness of Lagos and took a trip home first, for my sanity, but most especially, my health.