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Mollie Young

Copy and Content Writer

Location icon United Kingdom


Since graduating with a degree in English and Media, Communications and Culture in 2015, I have gained invaluable creative experience in a variety of different roles.

Whilst working as a Production and Picture Research Assistant at Bauer Media, I was able to learn the importance of working to strict deadlines, whilst learning all about writing for magazines, and developing an intense attention-to-detail.

As a Copywriter for PHMG - the worlds leading audio branding agency - I learnt how to adapt my tone of voice to the endless brands we worked for, and for the endless industries, sometimes up to as many as 15 times a day. I was also given the opportunity to craft blogs and write pieces for our company magazine.

I am now currently working as a Social, Advocacy and PR Assistant for WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). Here, I am trusted to write the copy for all of our social media channels - from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest - and I am in charge of briefing and editing the blogs we post online. I am also trusted to brief our member ambassadors, write press releases, and help in the overall development and implementation of creative content ideas.

WWBlog | WW UK

Working with our member ambassadors, I brief out blogs to be written for our website, and then work to proofread and edit them with the content team.
5 Things You Will Never Understand (And That's O.K.)

You won’t ever be given the answers as to why he left you that one evening a few months after graduating university. You drove home from the city planning what the two of you would have for dinner whilst he sat packing bags at the foot of a bed you once shared together, practicing different variations of “I don’t love you anymore” and wondering whether his mouth was stained with the red lipstick of hers that he had found ridiculously sexy the night before.