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Mollie Young

Copy Writer | Content Writer | Creative Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

2.1 in English and Media, Communications and Culture
4 years experience in Copy and Content writing for marketing and advertising agencies, as well as magazines and world renowned brands.

WW UK (Weight Watchers UK) ( * Instagram photos and videos

From October 2018-September 2019 I was in charge of writing the social media copy for WW UK (formerly known as Weight Watchers). This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. I was also involved in end-to-end development on of the content ideas.
5 Things You Will Never Understand (And That's O.K.)

You won’t ever be given the answers as to why he left you that one evening a few months after graduating university. You drove home from the city planning what the two of you would have for dinner whilst he sat packing bags at the foot of a bed you once shared together, practicing different variations of “I don’t love you anymore” and wondering whether his mouth was stained with the red lipstick of hers that he had found ridiculously sexy the night before.