Yogha Prasiddhamukti Wicaksana

Editorial Writer

Location icon Indonesia

Hello there!

My name's Yogha Prasiddhamukti Wicaksana and you may call me Siddha. I already spent the last seven years working professionally in media and creative fields both as reporter, writer (both editorial and brand), and editor - on and offline. Having such enthusiasm and curiosity about new things, like pop culture (music, art, photography, street culture, etc) and its history, what's interest other, social stuff, and many more, makes me be able to be the person that always have a will to learn.

Currently I'm writing in two languages; Indonesia and English.

I also do occasional freelance writing and copywriting, or even taking assignments as freelance photographer, when time permits. Let's have a good time for I'll surprise you with my own perceptive.

Please reach me through: [email protected]

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