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A skilled communicator with a love for writing and visual arts. Ynah has a strong background within Journalism and Public Relations. She specialises within the Fashion sector with experience working in London and Los Angeles.



What is Ethical Fashion?

Today's market is flooded with waves of new, hip brands and their value props residing beyond the clothing or accessories themselves. Yet in the midst of this all, it is ironic that the actual impact of ethical fashion gets washed over.

Fashion Revolution Week

It's officially Fashion Revolution Week and Velé is so honored to be a part of the body of changemakers. Fashion Revolution is an organization of individuals that have a vision for equality in the Fashion industry. They are passionate about uniting brands, retailers, designers and worker

Galerie LA: Sustainable fashion Panel

A few weeks ago, we were delighted to have the honor of speaking on the Women in Sustainable Fashion Panel at GALERIE.LA. AmyAnn Cadwell from The Good Trade mediated the discussion as we chatted with Jordana Howard from Echo & Air , Rachel Denniston of HFS Collective , and Su

Velé Muse: Lauren and Rainey

L: As my family has been going through ups and downs of miscarriages, early marital bumps and scrapes, and a surprising row with cancer- my best friend Rita has encouraged me by loving my Husband and I as a family, not just myself as an individual.

More Than Words | Meet Mele

i n p r o g r e s s | This perfect image is perennial. The standing fog that sifts through the slumber of the night and the indelible workmanship of towering mountains peaking through the fiery light of dawn are only glimpses of absolute atonem

Eli Del Rosario (PR Client)

Eli Del Rosario
Eli Del Rosario

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