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My story (so far):
Three industries. Numerous promotions. All because of a can-do attitude and exceptional work ethic. (And I swear I'm humble).

Writing is my passion, so I’m doing my best to flex that muscle as a hobby, but I also take on creative projects at work whenever I get the chance. I also love reading and my favorite book is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

I'm an athlete through and through. It's a sport? I've probably played it! These days I cherish a good run (followed by a good book + a hoppy beer). I'm currently training for a 30-miler in April 2018!

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IV Screenprinting Entrepreneur: Garrett Gerstenberger | The Bottom Line

Kerry Beeman Writer Before the completion of his Business Economics or Film and Media Studies major, Garrett Gerstenberger already had something incredible to put on his resume-he created his own business. Isla Vista Screen-Printing and Embroidery is located on 6565 Trigo Road, directly across from International Café, Gerstenberger is a 21-year-old student who started screen-printing as a sophomore at UCSB.

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Nickelodeon Nostalgia | The Bottom Line

Kerry Beeman Writer Nowadays, if you flip on Nickelodeon you are in for a big surprise. None of the good ol' shows we watched growing up are on air. It is time to bring back the shows that tie our childhoods together. Without further adieu, these are my top ten favorite Nickelodeon shows.

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The Costs of Being a College Student | The Bottom Line

Kerry Beeman Staff Writer Photo by: Kerry Beeman In college, textbook costs are overwhelming for students. The difference between choosing one of the consistently costliest majors and choosing one of the cheapest majors can total up to $1,230! For the following average book prices, it is assumed that college students take two classes for their major each quarter.

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Taking the Lap Out of Laptop | The Bottom Line

Kerry Beeman Writer In college, convenience is everything. At the end of the day, instead of sitting on an uncomfortable chair at a desk, a student can combine two great things-a comfortable bed and a laptop computer-as he or she lounges in bed doing work.

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Chuck D Speaks on Behalf of Haiti | The Bottom Line

Kerry Beeman Writer Chuck D of Public Enemies came to UCSB to speak at a commemoration held in honor of the people who died and were injured in the Haiti Earthquake that took place exactly one year earlier. The event was held Wednesday, January 12.

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