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I am a curious individual who thrives under the pressures of creating and three years ago my passion for travel paired with my keen interest in exploring different cultures brought me to China. Writing has been a daily ritual in my life due to previous employment as a Public Relations Manager and website Co-Owner and writer.

I have also gained experience in designing, implementing and managing digital content. My style of writing is geared toward drawing in the reader, inspiring and telling a story. In addition, to my creative content creation skills and in-depth research skills, and writing abilities I have a unique eye for photography and videography. I have a deep interest in content and influencer marketing as well as in design thinking focused on user experience, customer experience and innovation.

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Top picked sites to visit during you stay in Hong Kong For ABGT 300

Vibrant, cosmopolitan, and truly iconic, Hong Kong is a city like no other. Described by the Hong Kong tourism board as a "kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West, and a city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn." This description sums up the spirit of this iconic city.

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Cape Town's Hidden Food Gems

"People who love to eat are always the best people." - Julia Child. When it comes to things to eat in Cape Town, it is literally impossible for you to go hungry. Apart from the V&A waterfront which has a host of restaurants serving a wide array of food in the streets around the City Centre, Sea Point, Camps Bay and Clifton are full of restaurants and cafes.

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5 acts you must catch at ABGT300 Weekend in Hong Kong!

Think back to the time you heard your favourite song live, or the moment you saw your favourite DJ for the first time. Think back to the time you were in a crowd of five thousand fans singing in sync to a song, "Life is made of small moments like these".

Dare to Be Different with Danish Design!

In a sea of average, we're all sailing ships; with little to define us or set us apart. There are brands that accept this, brands that make it their message to be the same and for people to join th...

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Bubblegum & Lipgloss Take Cape Town

The festive season appears and when you have no plans the FOMO starts to set in. Depression strikes, everyone is going away and here you are stuck in the city with nothing on your schedule, this is how we were feeling at the beginning of December and then a spark flickered an idea in our minds.

Dark Disco With Das Kapital

Hello Kyle. A warm welcome from us at Think In Electronic, before we start how are you doing and what are you doing right now? I'm well thank you. It's been a ridiculous time on tour these last 2 months, but I'm back in studio and it's shaping up to be a busy and exciting 2015.