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Psychology grad and journalist in my spare time.

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Young Reporter: Domestic Abuse - I am not 1 in 4

Domestic abuse, it's one of those things that you hear about a lot. Perhaps through magazine articles, TV soaps, or even through some crude, distasteful jokes (I must admit I've heard a few of these). It's an issue that exists but not one that's particularly relevant, right?

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The Cost of Scrapping Maintenance Grants

When I was going through the UCAS process there were two things that lessened the stress and caused me a bit of relief. The first was the obvious news of knowing that my chosen universities saw me as worthy of an offer. But what was perhaps even more reassuring was finding out that I was ...

Insanity Radio 103.2FM
Head Under Water

Better Than Never - Head Under Water Fox Records Oxford pop-punk six-piece, Better Than Never, released their new EP, 'Head Under Water' at the end of last year. It was the second EP they released in 2016, following 'Homemade Hero' which came...

Politics Made Public | The Public Life Magazine
Solitary Confinement - Politics Made Public | The Public Life Magazine

Imagine being trapped in a small room; the four grey walls surrounding you are all that you see, all that keeps you occupied. There's a dingy bed in one corner, and perhaps a toilet too. Of course, like any room, there is a door. But you rarely see it open.

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Swipe Right For Love

This Valentines Day, Yasmeen Frasso discusses the use of dating apps. Dating has always been a curious thing; since the days where Victorian women would be sought after and courted by a suitor (think Jane Austen) not much has really changed. You seek out a potential partner, work up the courage to ask them out ...

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CoppaFeel! This Valentine's Day

Features Editor, Yasmeen, interviews the Asha and Francesca of the Royal Holloway Uni Boob Team about something everybody should be doing this Valentines Day and every other day of the year. Everybody likes boobs. Let's face it. Whether you're a proud owner of a pair or not, boobs are pretty cool.

London Student
Anti-fascists and nazis stand off at Royal Holloway | London Student

A group of Royal Holloway students held a counter-protest against the Racial Volunteer Force (RVF), in a stand-off between anti-fascists and Nazis at the university gate. The RVF were protesting at main gate of the campus because two of their members, who were working as cleaners at the university, were sacked over their involvement in ...

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The 2016 Student Media Summit

This week saw the ninth annual Student Media Summit return to London. Hosted by the NUS and Amnesty International UK, the two-day Summit aims to educate and develop the skills of students involved in media and those wanting to pursue it in the future. Features editor, Yasmeen Frasso, talks about her experience.

Orbital Magazine
RHUL Protests the 'Tampon Tax'

Tuesday 1st December saw RHUL Women's and Marginalised Gender's Network and FemSoc take to Windsor Building for a protest against the tampon tax. Throughout the past few months, groups across the country have raised the profile of the issue surrounding the "tampon tax" through protests and demonstrations to a point that it has finally gained ...