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An ordinary Zulu girl, who has a thing for words.

HELP | I think I'm obsessed with my lover.

After careful self-assessment, it's quite clear I have a problem. I must admit, I'm ashamed and embarrassed. I never thought something of this nature would happen to me. Me? Sexy, lively, confident me? With a whole obsession? Someone wake me the f*#@ up. What is Obsessive love disorder?

Crooked Sytem

Is there nobody in this entire country worried about how crooked our cops are?Everyday there is a police officer collecting bribe-money from a local or a foreigner.It has become a norm to dig into your wallet for a hundred rand note when a traffic officer stops you at any point during a frustrating drive to or from work.

Motor ride.

The aim is to wake up each day with gracefulness. Be the man or woman you want to be because, why can't you?A lot that has to do with ones happiness is self-becoming.Visualizing everything that you want to exist, then driving your spiritual and mental forces toward those things in order to physically experience them coming to life.Constant thought towards your dreams and wishes encourages you to be a bit more focused on your set goals.It gives you direction.

We Want What is Ours !

It is all good intentions to have Africa owned by the majority and "giving back the land to its rightful owners." It was harsh and inhumane to rob all the natives in the first place, one might feel.Fast-forward to twenty-sixteen, a time where everyone is "woke" and aware of their human rights.

Black Businesses

I love to support my black folk in anything they do, given it is beneficial to themselves or the community. Seeing a black man or woman try to make his/her life better is such a positive thing to witness.

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Be Part of the Mobile Movement

by Nontobeko Msweli When we talk about labour it is almost instinctual to imagine a poor man working in the mines, sweat trickling down his face under a 45-degree-temperature, in a deep dark hole, where all you hear is the sharp sound of a pickaxe on a rock from constant and uninterrupted pelting.

Xenophobia Rectifies Law System

Xenophobes are the equivalents of homophobes, rapists, and racists- the world's biggest killers and thieves.South African in the US:Far as S.A is concerned, since you deserted the country and decided the U.S is better, you are in no position to insult the residents of SA.

Black girls are so afraid to embrace the...

Black girls are so afraid to embrace their natural tree of life- The Afro. Bewildering to hear a black, African woman say "I don't have the patience for an afro. I don't know how you do it, I just don't know what to do with it."

Beautiful Kings

It must be hard waking up in a world that requires so much from you, as a man.The world expects you to be the breadwinner,They expect you to fight all our battles because, physically, you are our strength.They toss you into fields of uncertainty and tell you you're more than

What are you eating?

I love to eat. I eat anything, anytime, anywhere (except avocado, banana, and oats- it's a texture thing). But give me a nice cooked plate of Whatchumacallit, and I'm guaranteed to eat it. I have an extremely curious appetite, if I may.Lately, I have been exposed to Nigerian food.

Bring on the menstruation revolution: 'Donald Trump is going to bloody love it' am not concerned about the Donald Trump part of this conversation on menstruation. As effectively "relevant" as it may seem to headline Trump on the discussion, it quickly deters one from the importance of this topic.

The Playboy problem: has the brand ever endangered women?

I think it's sweet that Playboy, after so many years, has finally decided to "value" women. Although, I thought they had been valuing women all along because, well, remunerations and reputation? No? Ok.But that's beside the point. I am uncertain about the publication's popularity and how it would be affected by this bold step.

The Mind of an Ex

Having an addictive personality is one of my greatest fears. It makes you look weak, unguarded and, uncertain of what it is you are or what it is you want. Considering my strong will, addiction is a strand of hair on my shoulders that I can instinctively brush off with no hesitation or fear of getting stained.But, I believe I have overlooked the power of addiction.

Don't dare be ashamed...

Even when you hear people say your dreams are too unrealistic, don't listen.People will say and do anything to make you seem incapable. You know what your abilities are, and how far out they reach.

I don't usually speak on entertainment g...

I don't usually speak on entertainment gossip because it's, well, mainstream. But, I'm feeling a little mainstream-y today so, here goes.There's this trend in the hip-hop, rap- or whatever this new age music thing is called nowadays- industry of instigating artists into public brawls for the crowd to pick a side and then virtually decide who is the winner.

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The Month of World Geniuses (my birthday month).

Being Youth Month and all, what better way to celebrate than to go out partying, overdose on alcohol, smoke a lot of blunts, and come home in the early hours of the morn? That would be really cool but, not very empowering. I think these monkeys would agree.

"For Colored Girls"

I discuss a lot of things concerning the issue of race. This is because the race issue is BIG to me, and to a lot of other people out there that are affected by it on the daily. I hear people say, "Why do you always have to play the 'race card' all the time.

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A lot of the "I don't know" or "I haven't got a clue" and "I have never heard that before" could be the cause of the cultural disconnect in South Africa. The lack of education could be related to the high crime rate stats in the country.


Here is a sequence of thoughts that I go through each time the issue of poverty is brought up.

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Passion Mothers Success

by Nontobeko Msweli Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a passion for something? Ever sat and thought, "How does feeling strongly about anything help in any way?" Well, I have. And this is what I came up with. Train of thought number 1.

"The Wife of His Youth Book Review."

The question of morality is one that one struggles with throughout one's life. During the course of living, one is certainly faced with situations that require decisions between right and wrong to be made. But, between the two, how does one know which to pick?

"Bean Bag Selection for the Fall."

Fall is Here! Unfortunately, the days are quickly getting shorter! This is a sad fact for those of you who like to spend hours on outdoor activities but, it's something that can be turned quickly into a positive. How? Simple. You can bring the outdoor activities inside!

Diamond in the Rough Space

I want to connect with intellects. I want to level with the uneducated. I want to experience the hippies. I want to live among the artists, breathe the same air as Kings and Queens And then dine with their Princes and Princesses. ............... I want to experience life in a special type of way.

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