Yajayra Perez

Communcation Professional

Location icon United States

Born and raised in an inner-city neighborhood in Oklahoma City, Yajayra seeks to help others by giving back to her community and peers. She graduated from Santa Fe South High School where she was involved in cheerleading, symphonic band, pandemic band, band council, and student council. Through these experiences, she found passion for being an advocate for others and continued her education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She pursued a bachelor’s in mass communication with a minor in public relations.
During her time at the university Yajayra served at Vice President of American Association of University Women, where she worked as an activist towards fighting for equality for all. During her senior year she worked in the public relations and marketing office for the university. There she assisted in creating and tracking social media content. Concurrently in her senior year she served as the Campus Life Editor for The Southwestern Student Publications where she gained page and web design experience.
Yajayra, is an aspiring communication professional from Oklahoma. Being a first generation Mexican-American, Yajayra brings a unique perspective to everything she works on. She is a determined hard-working individual who aims to influence others on embracing diversity.