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Christopher Bagley


Christopher Jesse Bagley, who goes by his middle name, is 29 years old, married, and has one child. He is currently enrolled at Ashford University and majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. Jesse joined the Army National Gaurd in December of 2009 and is still proudly serving. He currently started a mechanic shop with his brother and works as an automotive parts supplier at nights. His experience lies primarily in the blue-collar field with certifications as a mechanic and a welder, he is also experienced in construction. He lived with his family in a tiny home for two years, but recently purchased a home in southern Alabama.
His long term aspirations are obtaining a doctorate degree and teaching at the college level. When not at work or school Jesse enjoys spending time with his family, reading (anything), playing video games, hiking, camping, and building engines.

Contact @ [email protected]