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Lauren Goldenberg

Content Creator, Brand Strategist and Digital Marketer

Lauren Goldenberg is a marketing professional and a Streamy-nominated, Award-winning Writer, Content Creator, Brand Strategist and Digital Marketer with a proven track record working in Tech, Travel, Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Wine, Lifestyle, Entertainment and More.

Graduating with honors and a writing degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Lauren has a natural and versatile flair for storytelling which is used to cultivate brand awareness. She has worked with both luxury retail brands and exciting start-ups, conceptualizing and creating data driven content for print, digital and web and for both B2B and B2C clients.

With a career that began working on such beloved and iconic shows as THE GOOD WIFE, GOSSIP GIRL and CHUCK, Lauren has since co-written the award-winning webseries BAD TIMING with YouTube personality GoldenTusk (his channel has 50+ million views), which premiered at YouTube Space LA, garnered over 100,000 views and was nominated for a Streamy Award. She also wrote the award-winning short film OH, BABY - directed by Rory Rooney and starring Sprague Grayden (24, Jericho), Jason Thompson (Young and the Restless, General Hospital), Sonya Eddy (General Hospital) and Andy Goldenberg (Broad City, Jack and Jill).

Drawing upon her experience in the glamorous worlds of Hollywood film sets, fashion runways and European jetsetting, Lauren has also created the lifestyle & travel blog "Adventure Is The New Pretty." She has been invited to sit in the front row during New York Fashion Week's hottest designer shows, venturing backstage to meet with top style and makeup artists. She has also worked with DMO's and attended numerous celebrity launches, headlined by such names as Kourtney Kardashian, P Diddy and Kendall & Kylie Jenner. The blog has garnered up to 200k Twitter impressions a month, letting Lauren further cultivate relationships with other luxury-minded influencers, journalists and PR agencies.

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Award-Winning & Streamy-Nominated Webseries

LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly online, et al
Press for BAD TIMING

Press Mentions for Streamy-Nominated series with YouTuber GoldenTusk (50+ million views)

TV Spots & Product Videos

Digital Content & Copy (B2B/B2C)

EZ Texting
Free Texting App for iOS

Simplify B2C Conversations Pick up where you left off by sending a text message from the free iOS app to follow up on a previous inquiry, confirm an appointment, answer a question, or request immediate feedback. Your conversations and contacts will be synced across all devices.

EZ Texting
Sign-Up Forms, Free Customer Acquisition Tools | EZ Texting

In order to help you drive customer acquisition and easily allow your audience to opt in to your text messaging campaign, we have two free tools for all EZ Texting account holders. Anyone who signs up via the form will be automatically added to a specific Contacts Group in your account.

EZ Texting
App Integrations

We partner with leading software companies to help you to automate contact management across other top-rated platforms, including CRM tools like HubSpot, email marketing systems like Constant Contact, and thousands of other apps through Zapier. With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another, allowing you to integrate text marketing with your other operations to be more organized, efficient, and productive.

EZ Texting
Fidelis Freight Ramps Up Recruiting with Text Marketing

Despite attempts to increase pay, improve working conditions, and hire non-traditional candidates, trucking and logistics companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain long-haul truck drivers. One such company, Fidelis Freight, a Jacksonville, Florida-based transportation company, is committed to building sustainable solutions for their shipper and carrier partners.

EZ Texting
Case Studies | Couch Tomato Cafe

The Couch Tomato Café is a family-style restaurant in Philadelphia, PA that offers wraps, dips, gourmet pizzas and more for take-out or delivery. They also cater throughout the Philadelphia area. EZ Texting spoke with owner Craig Mosmen. Objective: For the past six years, Mosmen tried various forms of marketing, including direct mail, online, local papers, magazines and more.

EZ Texting
Case Studies | Students For The National Equality March

Objective Students for the National Equality March collaborated with the NoH8 Campaign, as well as the Service Members Legal Defense Network, to create a "flash protest" to oppose the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, which denies lesbian and gay Americans the opportunity to serve openly in the US military.

Text Marketing Features

Keywords are like not-so-secret passwords for customers to gain entry into your subscriber list. Subscribers opt in for promos and updates — and you develop a valued database. • What exactly is a Keyword? You’ll see them in ads, like “Text JOIN to 424242.” Here, JOIN is the Keyword.

Vantage Deluxe World Travel
Cruising Greece's Aegean Treasures | tempt your taste buds in Greece | Vantage Travel

Opa! This Greek word doesn't exactly have an English translation, but excitement can be interpreted in any language. Adventure throughout the ancient world and magnificent beaches of the Greek islands, where the crystal seas and blue domed roofs and white cliff-side homes will spark your wanderlust. Particularly after a tasty treat of baklava.

Vantage Travel
Italy: Diverse Culture, Diverse Culinary Scene

Don’t come to Italy if you’re on a diet — unless it’s a diet of hearty carbs, heavenly desserts, and artisanal wines. Actually, Italy is equally renowned for its selection of healthfully grilled and sautéed vegetables, fresh seafood, and exquisitely prepared meats and cheeses. So, whatever your culinary tastes, prepare your taste buds for the vacation of a lifetime — and buon appetito!

A Foodie's Dream

AmaWaterways was inducted into La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, a prestigious international gastronomic society dedicated to fine cuisine. As a result, the onboard cuisine is visually stunning, locally inspired, and decadently unforgettable. Plus, your journey takes you to some of the world's most renowned culinary capitals in the world, such as Lyon, France.

Set Sail On A Wine Cruise

Have you ever wanted to learn the differences between a Moselle Riesling from Germany and an Alsatian Riesling from France? Or taste for yourself the divergences of Left Bank wines from Right Bank ones while sailing through Bordeaux? Then your questions will be answered, and your palate will be dazzled, on an AmaWaterways Wine Cruise.

The Hills of Heidelberg

Next your eyes will be drawn to the Ottheinrich Building, where more eyes will be staring back at you. Elaborate sculptures on the four-story façade still stand, memorializing German rulers, figures from antiquity and Roman rule, even Elector Otthenreich himself, who felt he was important enough to be placed among such historic celebrities.

Simply Stunning

Thermal baths, imperial architecture and a magnificent skyline that illuminates at night, Budapest is a city with something for everyone. It is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the iconic banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes' Square, the Millennium Underground Railway and Andrássy Avenue among them.

Palace of Wonders

When you first walk up to Portugal's Mateus Palace, it feels like an old, familiar friend, but you're not sure why. A stunning Baroque masterpiece-the work of famed architect and artist Nicolau Nasoni from 1739-1743-it's lavish in every detail. Elegantly formal flowerbeds are mazelike in appearance, rivaling those of more prestigious palace gardens throughout Europe.

The Cake That Started A National Holiday

The crème-de-la-crème of cake wizardry here is the iconic Sachertorte, available at the renowned Hotel Sacher. Rich dark chocolate, apricot jam and utter deliciousness to send your taste buds spiraling into sensory overload.

Truffle Treasure Hunting in France

Sprinkled over handmade pastas, elegant risottos, flavorful bruschetta and hearty omelettes Truffles have long been a treasure find in dishes from Michelin rated restaurants around the world. Of course, many of the best hail from France where, along with fine wines and chocolate, they are one of the country’s most highly prized epicurean delicacies and aphrodisiacs. And no, these aren’t the chocolate kinds sold in Godiva.

Wishing Upon A Star in Rothenburg | AmaWaterways™

A visit to the Old Bavarian town of Rothenburg is a delightful, real-world romp into your favorite fairytale classics. Indeed, the city has inspired not only the village in the Disney classic Pinocchio but also centuries of other artists and filmmakers.

AmaWaterways Website
The Lifeblood of Transylvania

Have a wickedly good time as you take a bite off your bucket list, visiting the castle that inspired the story of Dracula in legendary Transylvania.

A Napoleon Complex | AmaWaterways™

A secret staircase for Napoleon. A vibrant garden for Josephine. The iconic "Napoleon Crossing the Alps" painting by Jacques-Louis David. Grand chandeliers, elegant checkerboard tile floors and a painted vaulted ceiling in the library.

The River of Dreams

Where else but the incredible Chobe River can you see the mighty hippo frolic alongside you in the water, spouting water from its nostrils. Stare wide-eyed as the largest concentration of elephants in all of Africa freely swim and splash about. Feel yourself becoming humbled as you spot the graceful giraffe bow his elongated neck to quench his thirst at a watering hole.

The Life and Diary of Anne Frank | AmaWaterways™

Six million other Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, six million other stories - and yet it is Anne Frank's story which has remained seared into the world's collective conscious.

All Aboard Adventure | AmaWaterways™

Once upon an elegant time, wood-paneled coaches, white-gloved staff and Victorian-era style greeted adventurers ready to be whisked off on the safari of their dreams.

Something Good Brewing

No need to adjust your beer goggles: when you visit Pilzen, you’re sure to be seeing (and drinking) beer just about everywhere. Why? Because Pilzen is the proud birthplace of the pale-gold blond lager known as Pilsner beer -- the world’s most popular style brew.

Dancing On Water | AmaWaterways™

Think you know everything about puppets? Think again. While finger puppets, sock puppets, handheld puppets and the entire Jim Henson family (think Sesame Street, The Muppets and Fraggle Rock) have long been delighting audiences, the Vietnamese have enjoyed their unique water puppetry (called Múa Rối Nước) for centuries.

A Swiss Classic: Veal Zurich

A busy day in the Swiss Alps, yodeling atop one of the legendary mountains or taking in the magnificent waterfalls will surely whet your appetite.

Move Over, John Wayne

Cowboys. A staple of the American Old West, Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns and… Hungary??? Indeed, for centuries the vast, sweeping plains of the Hungarian Puszta have been managed by cowboy-like csikós -- but with a distinctive flair neither Will Rogers nor Annie Oakley ever mastered.

Once Upon A Time... Or A Castle!

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.” Upon seeing Germany’s legendary Neuschwanstein Castle, you may find yourself with a bit of déjà vu, whistling these familiar lyrics to Walt Disney’s classic film, Sleeping Beauty.

AmaWaterways Website
Coffee With a Kick: Rüdesheimer Coffee

Why just settle for a regular cup of joe? Or even a specially whipped up espresso or caffé macchiato when you can indulge in a classic Rüdesheimer kaffee (aka Rüdesheimer coffee).

Beer'ing It

“Drinking a Kölsch beer is more than just drinking a beer: it’s like drinking an entire culture.”

Digital Product Builds

Vantage Deluxe World Travel
Italian Train Adventure: Culture & Cucinas | 14-Days | Land Tour

Penne for your thoughts? Pasta is just a taste of what you’ll discover on an inspired culinary train adventure through Italy! On this adventure, you’ll indulge in all of Italy’s mouthwatering delights, from pizza to gelato, ossobuco to tiramisu. Toast to the good life with a Bellini overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice...

Vantage Deluxe World Travel Website
Chef Bio for Croatia Itinerary

La Perla’s executive chef since 2018, Nenad’s love of Mediterranean cuisine has led him to meet with top chefs from all over the globe and be inspired by new techniques in preparation. Born in Split, Croatia’s second largest city, Nenad’s love of cuisine started at an early age — cooking for his family and nurturing his passion of local ingredients...

Print Brochures (B2B/B2C & MORE BELOW)

Vantage 2020 2021 Rivers & Small Ship Ocean Cruising Catalogue
Letter to Travelers

Dear Traveler, When was the last time you went on a trip that really changed you, that made you see the world — its kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, landscapes — in utter awe, as if for the first time? As we head into 2020 and 2021, I’m proud to unveil landmark new ways to experience iconic Europe, Egypt, and beyond with exclusive and uniquely crafted itineraries.

Vantage Adventures 2020 Catalogue
Letter to Travelers

Dear Traveler: Imagine waking up to a morning with a game drive to see elephants splashing about in the river, giraffes elongating their necks towards the sun, and scores of lions, tigers, cheetahs, and other wildlife...

Vantage 2020 Top Products Catalogue
Letter to Travelers

Dear Traveler, You asked, we listened, and here it is — The Call of the Wild: Summer on the Alaskan Coast. This new expedition of the U.S.’s largest state (Page 112) feels anything but close to home. Imagine exploring rugged coastlines dotted with fjords and evergreen rainforests while...

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Brochure Intro and Letter to Traveler

Dear World Traveler, At AmaWaterways, we love what we do - providing our guests with the best travel experiences possible. In fact, "Ama" is derived from the Latin word for "love."

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
And The Awards Go To...

Our fabulous guests and the passion of our hard-working staff makes AmaWaterways the world's premier river cruise line. For the past fifteen years, AmaWaterways has had the honor and privilege of providing travelers around the world with cherished memories...

Vantage Adventures 2021 Catalogue
Ireland 2021 Tour Description

Cultivate your own Irish luck by embarking on an adventure that will make your friends and family green with envy. And who could blame them? After all, the Emerald Isle has long captured the hearts and imagination of artists and poets with its ruggedly romantic terrain. Travel to the homeland of native sons William Butler Yeats and Samuel Beckett and experience the most enchanting charms of Ireland. From viewing the medieval Book of Kells to kissing the Blarney Stone, and from embarking on...

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Be Our Guest

Traveling aboard a river cruise isn't just about the wonderful places you'll go; it's very much about the people you will meet. From fellow guests who are sure to become lifelong friends...

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Explore the World Your Way

Imagine yourself as part of a Monet masterpiece as you step into his lovely gardens at Giverny. How about returning to a land of kings and queens, knights and ladies, and fables and legends in the ancient medieval city of...

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Ready. Set. Get Active.

AmaWaterways has lots of fun options for you to get more active, if you wish. From our onboard fitness room to our complimentary bicycles for onshore use, you will have everything needed to get your heart rate going. Our flexible routes take you well beyond the typical tourist paths, deep into the rich culture and natural beauty. Join AmaWaterways and get ready to get active

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Unique Wine Experiences

Uncork local traditions, savor intense flavors and enjoy palate-pleasing adventures on our exclusive Wine Cruises. Drink up the beauty of the world's most intoxicating wine regions and award-winning vineyards in such places as Austria's Wachau Valley, France's iconic Bordeaux area and Portugal's Douro Valley.

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Greater Kruger National Park

The mighty roar of the lion, the powerful call of the elephant, the thunderous clap of a rhinoceros herd - the wild things are certain to be found within South Africa's massive Kruger National Park area.

AmaWaterways Africa Brochure
The Chobe River & Authentic Encounters

Stare wide-eyed as Africa's largest population of elephants freely swim and splash about. Feel humbled as you spot the graceful giraffe bow his elongated neck to quench his thirst as a watering hole.

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Holiday Cruises

You're sure to have a holly, jolly good time as you get swept up in an intoxicating blend of nostalgia because the holidays really come to life at Europe's legendary Christmas Markets.

AmaWaterways 2018 Extensive Brochure
Colors of Provence (Itinerary Overview)

From romantic cities to foodie havens and artistic epicenters, this itinerary enlivens all your sense. Spend three nights in Paris before going to Lyon, France's culinary capital.

Advertorials (B2B)

Postcards Travel Magazine
Meet the Travel Exec: Wish List

Interviewed AmaWaterways' EVP and wrote her travel 'Wish List' for Postcards Travel Magazine, distributed to agents with Travel Leaders Network magazine

Postcards Travel Magazine
The Rivers Are Calling

Step aboard an AmaWaterways river cruise and the world opens. Welcoming smiles greet you. The luxury of Europe's finest ships surrounds you, and legendary rivers beckon to explore.

The Europe Advisor

The river cruise line encourages fitness enthusiasts to boost heart rates through numerous hiking and biking excursions. Delicious and healthy menu options fuel busy days of sightseeing and are available throughout the day.

Ensemble Bon Vivant Magazine (industry magazine)
Join AmaWaterways On a Specialty Wine Cruise

Nothing turns an occasion into a celebration, sparks a conversation, or elevates a meal from ordinary to elegant quite like a fine wine. That's why AmaWaterways offers expertly curated Wine Cruises that...

Luxury Travel Advisor
Cruise Beyond Expectations

Out of 310 river cruise ships reviewed by the premier travel authority, Berlitz - based on accommodations, service and other onboard features - the top 10 highest-rated ships in Europe belong to AmaWaterways. The editors of Cruise Critic also recognized...

Travel AgeWest
AmaWaterways: The Luxury of More

As AmaWaterways has grown over the years, the company has continued to focus on finding new ways to give your clients more - more experiences, more amenities and more choices. An AmaWaterways river cruise in Europe is a luxurious experience from start to finish.

Advertorials (B2C)

Travel Leaders: Destination Bliss (trade magazine re: weddings & honeymoons)
Chart The Course For Romance

The magic of Paris. The allure of Vienna. And the charm of Budapest. Let AmaWaterways river cruises introduce you to a world where dramatic sights meet decadent flavors, luxurious details and bold adventures...

France and Monaco Focus
AmaWaterways: France

The saying goes, "Oceans take you to countries; rivers take you through them." River cruising is a uniquely luxurious way to travel, sailing through the hearts of some of the world's most storied, picturesque cities and towns.

Ensemble Vacations
AmaWaterways: Answer the Call to Adventure

Imagine... The trip of a lifetime. A Mekong river cruise with AmaWaterways provides you a unique perspective on one of the most exotic regions of the world.

The Affluent Traveler
AmaWaterways: Sail aboard the Highest Rated Ships in Europe

Imagine. Traveling along the Danube River and discovering Vienna and Budapest's dazzling glamour. Or sailing along the Seine River and falling in love with the romance and sophistication of Paris and Giverny's artistic flair.

The Acorn of Calabasas
Toast To The Good Life

Let AmaWaterways introduce you to a world where dramatic sights meet intoxicating flavors. Through any of our 45 exclusive Wine Cruises, you'll be greeted by wine experts offering...

Product Descriptions
Product Description on

The temps are always a bit cooler at the movie theater. Make sure to put your best fashion foot forward in this stylish and cozy pullover...

Hadari Online
Product Description on

It's always the perfect time to pay homage to style star Audrey Hepburn. You'll be ready to have your own Breakfast at Tiffany's moment in this classic LBD - Little Black Dress. Prepare to dance the night away and attract plenty of...

Hadari Online
Product Description on

Make Blair Waldorf proud with this Gossip Girl-inspired bow headband. You'll feel chic and stylish for a day out with the girls for, what else, , shopping and macarons. Trendy and Instagram-ready and...

Emails & Landing Pages

Enjoy France At Its Most Wonderous | Special Offer Ends July 31

Book the vacation of a lifetime and be charmed by the magic of France. Inhale the fragrant lavender of Provence and be swept up by the romance of Paris. Immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Lyon, the wine of Bordeaux, the history of Normandy and the inspirations of Giverny and Honfleur.

Take An Exotic Journey In 2017

AmaWaterways brings you the unique opportunity to see not only the landmark sights of Southeast Asia - but to thoroughly entice all your senses.

See the Tulips at their Most Beautiful with AmaWaterways

A burst of color covers the Dutch countryside as a kaleidoscopic array of tulips turns the entire landscape into a living, blooming rainbow. On our Tulip Time cruise, you see nature in its most radiant state at the most radiant time of year. Visit breathtaking Keukenhof Gardens where more than 7 million flower bulbs are in bloom.

AmaWaterways B2C Email
Springtime in Europe

There is no better time of year to visit Europe than in the spring, when the flowers are in full bloom and everything is fresh and vibrant.

The Rhine or Danube?

Go to bed in Budapest, wake up in Bratislava and savor an incredible lunch in Vienna. All can be yours when sailing along the immensely popular Danube. This is the beauty and magic of river cruising. Each day, a different adventure.

Unique Offer: Two Nights Free In Amsterdam

The best New Year's Resolution is to travel. So what could be better than cruising the enchanting Rhine on December 23rd and staying an extra two nights in Amsterdam, one of the world's most enchanting cities? Along the way, discover the romance of Strasbourg and the Gothic masterpiece of the Cologne Cathedral.

Last Chance to Book Your Summer Cruise through Southern France

There are many reasons why people love to visit Provence. For some, it's the region's connection to artists like Van Gogh and Cezanne, or the Rhone Valley's impressive selection of world-class wines. For others it's the charming hilltop villages, ancient landmarks and colorful lavender fields.

Articles & Blog Posts

The Gem
Pamella Roland Dazzles With Her Spring/Summer 2018 Collection - The Gem

Pamella Roland looked to Monaco for her dreamy, yet glitzy forecast for Spring/Summer 2018. The glamorous city-state has always held a chic and dramatic allure for the fashionable set-who've long been drawn to its Mediterranean beaches, dazzling casinos and, of course, the timeless elegance embodied by Princess Grace.

The Knockturnal
Where To Stay in Paris

As Audrey Hepburn so memorably remarked, “Paris is always a good idea.” So naturally then, the question isn’t “should I go?” – but “where should I stay?”

Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists
'March for Our Lives': 'Don't I Deserve To Grow Up?' (Live Blog)

2:30 p.m. PDT: Clara Romeo captured this video of thousands chanting "Vote them out!" at the D.C. march: Hundreds of thousands chant "vote them out" at the #MarchForOurLives. Watch out incumbent #republicans- the people have spoken and they have had enough. Check out our #liveblog for full coverage of the rally.

Adventure Is The New Pretty
Beauty at Blushington

Summer - that hottest season of all - is fast approaching. Wedding season, graduations and beach and pool parties are all on its way. And whether your #lookoftheday includes an evening gown or little more than a bikini and a smile, you know special occasions call for getting a little extra glammed up!

The Knockturnal
The Perfect Big Bear Getaway in SoCal - The Knockturnal

The sun is out around 363 (or so) days a year, palm trees, film studios and parties and events happening every single night. But just as much fun as it is to live in Los Angeles-it's pretty amazing to drive out for a mini-vacation for a few days.

The Knockturnal
California Road Trip at the Madonna Inn - The Knockturnal

If you are planning a road trip along California's coast and want to add a little pizzazz to your trip, then be sure to book a stay at the iconic Madonna Inn. Because a visit here is more of a destination than a mere hotel.

The Knockturnal
Backstage Beauty Report: Desigual's Spring/Summer 2018 - The Knockturnal

It's a jungle out there. And Desigual came out roaring for its Spring/Summer 2018 runway show with vibrant fashions, energetic dancers and vivid makeup. We were on the scene with MAC Cosmetics at their NYFW show at Skylight on Clarkson and were given a special behind the scenes look.

Adventure Is The New Pretty
Yoga Day at Dodger Stadium

Ommmmmmmmmmm... The other week, my boyfriend and I got to go onto the baseball field and get our Downward Dodger Dog on in the middle of Dodger Stadium - basically the most incredible time I've ever had on a professional baseball field! Okay, okay, it was the first time I've even been on a major ...

The Knockturnal
Spa Week's National Event Is Back! - The Knockturnal

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but a day at the spa will get a girl truly glowing! A nd now that the winter months are gone (well, in LA at least), now is the perfect time to get gorgeous for Spring!

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Breisach Synopsis for our Cruisers (incl consumers, press, travel industry)

AmaCruiser Mobile App
Basel, Switzerland

Basel Synopsis for our Cruisers (incl consumers, press, travel industry)

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