Paul Smart

Human Copywriter. Hire me if your audience is human.

United Kingdom

I'm Paul. I write copy & content designed to be read and understood (easily) by humans.
If you want fluffy nonsense laced with jargon - that leaves your audience completely cold.
Not me.

However, if you want your reader to know exactly what you're talking about, and in short order.
That IS me.

Bonus: I'm a long-time business owner. I understand the bigger picture of your messaging.
I don't just write & leave.

AJ Architects Ltd
Website mock-up

Wireframe of a website for an architect's business. Used to show what the copy is, and where it fits best on the page.
SEO Conversion Optimisation article

A humorous take on Conversion Optimisation written in the unique voice of the SEO agency who commissioned the work. They loved it

Career Navig8r
Career Navig8r landing page

Landing page to encourage email sign-up for a new mentoring platform. This is one of several landing pages that each speaks to a different audience. Even though the end goal is the same - to encourage people to sign up. The message has to be different to speak to the different motivations and life choices.

Fleet Europe
Polestar - Charging towards change: Advertorial

A5 booklet advertorial for Polestar. Notoriously tricky to balance. Advertorials have to cut a very fine line between information and marketing/selling. I am Fleet Europe's go to for automotive advertorials.

Fleet Europe
KIA EV6 Car of the Year

Advertorial for KIA featured in Fleet Europe magazine. Advertorials are particularly tricky to get right. The balance between being informative - and marketing the product - has to be just right.

Golden Milk. Naan in a glass

A piece written for the Overcoming MS charity. Talking about the anti-inflammatory properties of Golden Milk
Seat Car Warranty SEO for MotorEasy

MotorEasy needed some FAQ work that compared benefots of their warranty against the Seat warranty
JD Casa initial blog post

A blog post for a start-up property rental business. What makes them different? Written in a warm way, that still explains their USP and sells the benefits of the company

D4 Recruitment
Revised recruitment advert

A rewrite of a standard recruitment advert. Both are here, the original, and below the rewritten version