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Meet the Creator of the World's Largest African Fashion Platform

Creative entrepreneur Siya Beyile is a multi-talented star on the rise. His brand, 'The Threaded Man', has become the world's largest African fashion and lifestyle platform. Here he tells Culture Trip how he transformed a menswear blog into a thriving global business.

Culture Trip
11 Travel Photographers Who Capture the Serenity of Tanzania

Theodore Mattas Award-winning wildlife photographer Theodore Mattas hails from Greece but focuses his camera lens firmly on Africa, where he runs wildlife photography workshops for both novice and experienced photographers. His stunning images have been published in major international nature magazines, books, and calendars, and used in schools and universities throughout the world.

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How This Designer Brings Lesotho's Basotho Blankets to World Stage

Weaving a story through time Lesotho's heritage blankets distinguish the Basotho nation from others by the way in which they are worn in everyday life. Each unique design has deep tribal and historical significance and, over the years, the blankets have become an integral part of Basotho culture.

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Explore Lesotho's Bygone Trading Posts

The history of Lesotho's trading posts Stunning Lesotho is a sparsely populated region where snow-capped peaks tower over remote little villages that make the rest of the world seem far, far away. Approximately a century ago, a network of trading posts were created by entrepreneurs who procured crops, cattle, wool and mohair from the largely rural Basotho population, then selling these commodities into established markets in South Africa.

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20 Unmissable Attractions in Namibia

Desert abundance may sound like an oxymoron, but in Namibia the phrase rings true, with countless spectacular natural attractions spread across the dusty, arid landscape, unique in their beauty and stunning to behold. Here is a selection of Namibia's most unmissable attractions.

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11 Things You Didn't Know About the Masaai

Meet the Masaai The Masaai speak Maa, and extensive oral law governs many aspects of their lifestyle. Maa is only spoken, not written, and Masaai children are schooled in Swahili or English. The culture is strongly patriarchal, with the elder men of the tribe typically deciding on all matters that affect the group.

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Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine in South Africa

The world of politics can be like a circus without a ringmaster, and South Africa is no different, with its corrupt politicians and an economy spiralling towards 'junk status'. People are crying out for light relief, and the country's latest generation of hard-hitting comedians have become wildly popular.

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How a Mining Song Became South Africa's Anthem of Unity

It's an anthem that sends tingles down your spine, compels you to stand up and sing, and often even brings a tear to the eye. Rousing and heart rendering, with its origins in the hopes and despair of the early gold and diamond miners, ' Shosholoza 'is not just a song to South Africans, it is the country's unofficial national anthem and a hymn of unity and pride.

Kinetic Events - Expedition Africa Latest News

Cape St Francis Resort to host Expedition Africa 2017 The Cape St Francis Resort once again hit the headlines as a top lifestyle destination with the announcement of its selection as the preferred host for the hotly contested Expedition Africa, one of nine international extreme adventure races that make up the Adventure Racing World Series for 2017.