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Wendy B.

Librarian/Former 911 Dispatcher

Location icon United States

I am a recent graduate in Library Science from Clarion University. I have a solid background in libraries/higher education obtained by working as an adult services librarian, library assistant (sub), part-time librarian (academic), graduate intern, online tutor, student ambassador and enrollment assistant. I also participate in various volunteer capacities with organizations like ALA and APCO.

In August of 2017 my Master's in Criminal Justice was conferred by American Public University. I also hold undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology. My primary interest is centered around using libraries to help patrons of all ages, but particularly adults who need help with resources to return to school later in life. I am a first generation student that did this and know how difficult it can be. Although, changing careers, I continue to advocate for dispatchers and their needs.

Writing started out as a hobby for me, and a way to heal after some of the incidents I worked as a dispatcher. I took several creative writing classes at LFCC and continue to journal when I have the time. My professor always told me I was a strong technical writer and to look for job opportunities in which I could utilize that skill. I worked briefly for the Page News & Courier as a staff writer and some examples of my work from that position are included in this portfolio as well as pieces I wrote while at ALA in 2018 as a part of their Student to Staff program.


Page News & Courier