William Harden

Strategic Communications Student at The Ohio State University

Location icon United States of America

My dreams of becoming a mad scientist were quickly dashed due to my lack of mathematical prowess.
It was after this that I discovered my love for the field of communication, strategic communications in particular.
I love the idea, and the challenge, of creating beautiful pieces of writing that get a point across. Each piece is a new challenge requiring me to play by a different set of rules. I truly enjoy the experience of figuring out how to make things just right.

I'm genuinely excited for whatever my future holds in this line of work. I hope to one day work public relations, or go into working on social media.

If you have any advice, or opportunities, for me you can send it to my email at: [email protected]

In my spare time I enjoy catching up on sleep and going to local card shops to indulge in my hobbies.

Feature Article
Rolling the Dice for Success

This is a feature article I wrote during a communications class during my academic career at The Ohio State University. I wrote this feature article to highlight the historic value of The Soldiery. I also wanted to point out the lively environment, while commending the friendly staff that ties it all together. I do not work for The Soldiery and am in no way affiliated with their business.

Press Release
PPTQ Minneapolis Comes to Columbus

This press releases covers a Magic The Gathering PPTQ ( Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier) that took place in Columbus, Ohio. This event was held at Comic Town. This article was written for a communications class, and I am in no way affiliated with Comic Town.

Press Release
Skully's Silent Party

This is a press release I created for a communications class. This articles seeks to cover the silent party held at Skully's. I am in no way affiliated with Skully's Music-Diner or Millennium Age.

Media Alert
Columbus Taco Fest

This is media alert I created covering the Columbus Taco Fest for a communications class. I am in no way affiliated with the Columbus Taco Fest

SWOT Analysis
HOMAGE Clothing

This is a SWOT analysis I created for HOMAGE Clothing for a communications class. I am in no way affiliated with HOMAGE Clothing

Audience Analysis
HOMAGE Clothing Audience Analysis

This is an audience analysis I created for HOMAGE Clothing, mainly looking at the audience of millennial fathers. I am in no way affiliated with HOMAGE Clothing.

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