Wendy Mohon


United States of America

Award-winning writer/editor, marketing professional with a positive, easy-going attitude, I have the ability to remain calm until every last T is crossed.
I spent several years in the trenches as a newspaper journalist; I still occasionally bleed ink, know the AP Styleguide by heart and deadlines remain sacrosanct to me.
My firm belief is that a strong writer can adapt to any genre.

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Executive summary

Executive summary of infusion nursing services

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Fishing for answers

Man starts fishing & hunting fundraiser for cancer research


Healthcare / Science

Epigenetics: Righting the course of disease

Annual Report - Winter 2013 Taiping Chen, Ph.D., started reading medical research in college while pursuing a master's degree in immunology in his native China. He hasn't stopped, but now he's writing it, too. And he hopes his research will right the wayward course of genes that form disease.

Technical Writing / Editing

Journal of Immunology
Medical Manuscript Editing

Example of manuscript editing while working at UT Med School. Primary investigator acknowledged my work in the published paper.


Promise - Winter 2015 - Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation | MD Anderson Cancer Center

What motivates a new ovarian cancer foundation to bestow its inaugural grant to MD Anderson? "We chose the Moon Shots Program because it gave us hope, and that can be challenging to find when we're talking about advanced ovarian cancer," says Buck Dodson, president and executive director of the Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation, an organization founded by and named for his mother.

Promise - Winter 2015 - Sheila and Jerry Reese | MD Anderson Cancer Center

For Sheila and Jordan "Jerry" Reese of Houston, the connection to Making Cancer History ® goes far deeper than her membership on the MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors. Inspired in part by the care Jerry's mother received at the institution, the couple recently donated $500,000 to support the Breast and Ovarian Cancers Moon Shot.

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