Ware Carlton-Ford

Content/Technical Writer

United States

I've followed a strange path - from circus acrobat to theater actor to writer. The common denominator linking all those (seemingly) disparate areas? Connecting through story. Through my work in creating original theater, I realized that the challenge of writing new material that connects with an audience was the most exciting part for me. While I still perform occasionally, my life really revolves around writing. I can help find the right words, the right voice to tell *your* story.

I specialize in heavily researched or SME-driven projects that involve turning data and high-level expertise into relatable, easily understood material for everyone. But I love snappy short-form work and translation, too. Also puns. So many puns.


- Content marketing
- Technical writing
- Italian to English translation
- Dad jokes

Driving With Pets: Getting There Safely

Most drivers want to keep their pets safe in the car. Unfortunately, survey results show that most drivers don't know the right ways to secure pets when they drive. I worked with Progressive to create this data-driven study on the risks and realities of the way we travel with our furry friends - and how we can keep everyone safe, regardless of whether they have four legs or two.

Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) Model 3795

The TSI Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) Model 3795 is a portable, easy to use, cost effective instrument capable of measuring total solid (non-volatile) particle number concentration from combustion sources. I spoke with engineers about the product, then wrote the script and storyboarded the shots that would make up this video showing how to use it.

Wallboard Trim & Tool
Women in Drywall: Kayla Beckett - Wallboard Trim & Tool

Often, women are discouraged from joining the trades - or don't feel welcome on the team - even though there's a pressing shortage of labor. I interviewed successful women in the drywall construction industry for a series encouraging women to get involved and highlighting both the obstacles they face and the contributions they're already making.

What is Load Regulation? Load Regulation Formula | Arrow.com

One of many articles I wrote to help make electronic components and DIY electronic projects more accessible. From Arduino to capacitors to USB pinouts, I explained different components and concepts that novice makers can easily understand.

Galleria Borbonica, Naples Podcast - Loquis

Working for Italian travel podcast Loquis, I help present clients that would like an English-language interview to promote themselves internationally. I perform open-ended interviews in English, identify the unifying story in what the client shares, and then write and record an English-language script to put their interview in context.

Home Office Window Treatments

I worked for Blinds.com on this how-to guide to choosing the right window treatments for a home office. I analyzed their offerings, drew out the themes, and was responsible for making it clear which products were suitable for which scenarios - and how to guide people through the product selection in a way that accounted for their needs.

A Timeline of Italian Food in Minnesota

Today, Minnesota is known for its history of Scandinavian immigration. But the Twin Cities' neighorhood now known as "Swede Hollow" used to be a thriving Little Italy. So what happened? Why did Italians come to Minnesota and what legacy did they leave? I spoke with historians, chefs, and more to find out the answer.