Wanching Leong

Concept Journalism

Location icon United States of America

Wanching has almost 18 years of editorial and research experience.

She is a partner at Concept Journalism, a content creation and strategic editorial consulting firm dedicated exclusively on private equity and private real estate.

Before co-founding Concept Journalism, she was Managing Editor -- Books at PEI, and within the firm was previously Associate Editor of Private Equity Manager (now Private Funds Management) and expanded the PEI 50 ranking of the world's largest private equity firms to the PEI 300. Prior to joining PEI, she was Associate Editor of The Asian Banker Journal in Singapore and Research Manager at Dealogic in New York.

Wanching has an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies and a BA from Smith College.

Private Funds Management
Central station | Private Funds Management

Running the finance function at global, multi-office private equity firms is best done through optimizing the mix of centralized and outsourced functions.

Private Funds Management
Sell it forward | Private Funds Management

Large profits are being generated through monetizations of private equity firms, but who benefits? Of the founders looking to cash out of the firms they have built, many want to leave enough to ensure the longevity of the firm and to incentivize younger generations of investment leaders.

Private Funds Management
Total GP discretion | Private Funds Management

There are no market terms for co-investments - you get what you can negotiate. And in today's market, the balance of power remains on the side of the GPs. Even getting the opportunity to co-invest can be a struggle for LPs.

Private Funds Management
The beat of Brazil | Private Funds Management

Brazil's GP Investimentos, which has raised $1 billion and counting for its fourth fund, is primed for the big leagues as it readies itself to go regional in Latin America. In its 15-year history, the firm has been through a management succession and an IPO on the Luxembourg exchange.

Private Funds Management
So not in the money | Private Funds Management

Blame the IRS Code's Section 409A for a trend that is seeing executive compensation at private equity portfolio companies fall under the fair value umbrella.

Private Funds Management
On the right track | Private Funds Management

While most firms still have individual GPs monitor the health of portfolio companies, increasingly this is becoming a firm-wide, systematized function.

Private Funds Management
Customer complaints | Private Funds Management

LPs moan about standards, transparency and timeliness, but investor relations practices will not change so long as GP services are in high demand.

Private Equity International
When will America's party end?

With default rates in the US at historic lows, financial sponsors of leveraged buyouts, as well as the providers of that leverage, are feeling confident about the future. But are seeds of destruction being sown amid the optimism? By Wanching Leong.

Private Funds Management
Standard 157 | Private Funds Management

PEIGG has released updated guidelines on fair market valuation for the private equity industry in accordance with FASB 157. Some practitioners question the value of more stringent standards.

PEI Manager
Star techs

The IT role encompasses much more than fixing broken Blackberries and setting up computers. Meet private equity's unsung heroes--the chief information officers.

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