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Walters Gilbreath is a family law firm and are tough lawyers who handle all ranges of family law matters. Waltersgilbreath.com provides legal services in the areas of family law such as divorce, custody, property division. Waltersgilbreath.com also helps with family violence, child custody and substance abuse.

What do you do if separate property has been comingled? - Walters Gilbreath

When two spouses get divorced, a judge is going to divide what property the two parties own. There are two types of property that spouses can own: community property and separate property. Simply put, community property is any property that is not separate property. Tex. Fam. Code ยง 3.002.

Father's Rights - Walters Gilbreath

When I first started practicing family law in the mid-1990s, the concept of Father's Rights was in its infant stages. Since then it has become much more widespread, but it is still largely misunderstood and can backfire. Texas family law is actually quite helpful to fathers.

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