Walter Gefrom

Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Volunteer

United States

Walter Gefrom is a Project Manager & Civil Engineer who also enjoys volunteering as an ACE Mentor and Boy Scouts Cub Master in his spare time.

Walter Gefrom
Clay's Classics: Classic Car Rentals

It's the Hertz of antiques! Classic Car Collector Walter Gefrom is excited to have discovered Clay's Classics: a Joplin, MO gem that offers customers the chance to rent old school cars. Few drivers are offered the chance to enjoy the wonder of driving a classic car.

Walter Gefrom
New Medication for Treating EBV Shows Promise

Recently, Walter Gefrom discussed the announcement from scientists and researchers that the Epstein-Barr Virus could be to blame for triggering or even causing Multiple Sclerosis. With this in mind, doctors are now setting their focus on ways to treat EBV directly; one such treatment is already showing great promise for patients.

Walter Gefrom
Placerville woman celebrates 100 with 100 classic cars

A Placerville woman named Betty Colbert celebrated her 100th birthday in a big way on March 26, 2022. Walter Gefrom shares the unique story: Turning 100 years old is no small feat. Looking as healthy and lively as Betty Colbert does at this age is another victory, to say the least!

Walter Gefrom
Chris Wright is the first NBA player with MS

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) never comes easily for anyone. But for NBA player Chris Wright, the symptoms of his first MS episode sought out to take his livelihood away - but he's fighting back. MS Awareness Advocate, Walter Gefrom shares the story: To say there isn't an 'MS stereotype' would be untrue.

Walter Gefrom
Retrofitting EV Systems into Classic Cars

It can be done! At the Moment Motor Company in Austin, Texas, turning your classic car into an electric vehicle is a project taken on every single day. Walter Gefrom discusses this weird mashup: EVs are growing in popularity each year. And it's no surprise why, especially with the way these gas prices are only...

Walter Gefrom
27th Annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

Northeast Florida's Amelia is the largest classic car event in the area. And it's back on for the first weekend of March 2022! Walter Gefrom, classic car enthusiast, shares the excitement: There will be so much to see at The Amelia this year! From Chip Ganassi's race car fleet to rides from the '20s and...

Walter Gefrom
MS Society of the UK supports research projects

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of the United Kingdom is set to support nine separate research projects focused on MS. This is the largest fundraising program of its kind for the MS Society of the UK since the beginning of the pandemic. Walter Gefrom, MS Awareness Advocate, discusses some of the projects that will benefit from...

Walter Gefrom
Classic Car Charity Event´┐╝

You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind collection! And each of the 85 vintage cars up for auction will be benefiting a good cause! Walter Gefrom shares the details: On February 4, 2022, car collectors and classic car enthusiasts in Naples are in for a treat!

Walter Gefrom
US Military Research Suggests EBV Causes MS

A study from the United States military has confirmed a long postulated theory that the Epstein-Barr Virus triggers the development of Multiple Sclerosis. MS awareness advocate, Walter Gefrom discusses: For people living with multiple sclerosis and the healthcare professionals who treat them, the idea that MS may be linked to EBV is nothing new.

Walter Gefrom
Music is good for MS: but not in the way you think

According to a study out of Duke University, lifelong musicianship could potentially ward off the onset of neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or dementia for years. Walter Gefrom shares his thoughts on the study: Last year, Duke University conducted a study involving musicians ranging in age from 20 to 67.