Jonathan Park


Jonathan Park, an Ogden native, is a first year law student and William and Mary. He received a B.S. in Environmental Science and Sustainability with a minor in Political Science from the University of Utah. As an undergrad, Jonathan "worked" as a writer for The Daily Chronicle. When Jonathan is not studying or writing, he enjoys reading good books, staying physically active, and exploring the natural world. Future ambitions include; evolving into an epic criminal defense attorney, joining a revolution, and writing an interesting blog, in no particular order.


Connor's Courtroom Drama
Head to Head: To Bern or Not to Bern - Daily Utah Chronicle
Sanders' Free Higher Education Would Hinder the Economy by Emma Tanner Last week when I was walking to my car on campus I noticed a political sign in someone's window that said...
SATIRE: Ben Carson is Not a Heroin Addict, Despite Evidence to the Contrary - Daily Utah Chronicle
There has been much speculation in recent months surrounding Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's alleged heroin addiction. I myself was convinced of the veracity of...
History Teaches How to Unite In the Face of a Common Enemy: Climate Change - Daily Utah Chronicle
Five hundred and eighty-five BC marks the sixth year of a vengeful war waged between the Medians and the Lydians in Anatolia - modern-day Turkey. The conflict was catalyzed by a...
LDS Church's Stance on Children of Same-Sex Couples is Homophobic and Hypocritical - Daily Utah...
Yesterday, Nov. 5, from the deepest, darkest cavity of LDS headquarters, where not even Christ himself can venture, came a pestilent, homophobic plot to alienate and embarrass...
LDS Institute Class for Football Players Does Not Violate Constitution - Daily Utah Chronicle
A Washington D.C.-based group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS) recently sent a letter to U President David Pershing identifying a pernicious...
America needs to stop listening to lunatics like Trump and take a stand on climate change - Daily...
The world once looked to America as a leader in economic, technological and moral progress. These days, however, China seems to be forging ahead while America has wavered,...
Fortunate Youth redefines rebellion through charity work and musical dynamism - Daily Utah Chronicle
Independent reggae band Fortunate Youth, as part of their Don't Think Twice Fall Tour, graced The Depot last Thursday with a positively soul-stirring performance. While most...
Trumptastic 2016
What Going to Jail Taught me about the US Prison System and Incarceration - Daily Utah Chronicle
At 19, I was a damn fool. Reckless abandon and rebellious disregard for authority were tenets of my adolescent attitude. So it came as no surprise to anyone when I was...
Head to Head: Conservation Hunting
Killing for Conservation
U.S. Legal System Gives Prosecutors an Unfair Advantage - Daily Utah Chronicle
My favorite high school class, political science, rocked my world and shattered my naïve confidence in the notions of a fair trial and justice for all. I remember learning about...
Policing the Police Pt. 1
Former Cop Reveals Shocking Experiences with the Baltimore PD
Policing the Police Pt. 2
Ex-Sergeant Advocates for Systemic Reform
Charleston Shooting Distracts from an Even More Disturbing Crime
While America is focused on the murder in Charleston, there's a robbery taking place in Washington
Campus Crime on the Decline
Stats show: crime's low
A New Perspective on Prescriptions Could be Just What the Dr. Ordered
Prescription Pills are Painfully Overprescribed
Climate Change and Capitalism
Peer reviewed opinion piece examining the efficacy of our economic model for resolving issues related to scarce resource conservation
A Push for Options at the Pump
We've always had options when it comes to fuel; history reveals how the dirtiest one has become dominant
A Reflection on Time
To what end does time tick on?
Capitalism is Inherently Ill-Equipped to Resolve Climate Change
Concerning the Proposed Trans Pacific Partnership
TPP is bad for you and bad for me!
The God Behind Science
Belief in God and belief in science aren't mutually exclusive
Hits and Misses
Short news blurbs
The Warped Reality of Solitary Confinement
Surprising scientific revelations should have us rethinking our stance on solitary
Environmental Problems and Energy Solutions
Depleted uranium is a bad deal
Carbon Capture and Storage
Could CCS be a saving grace in the climate change race?
The War on Drugs: Making Cops of Criminals, and Criminals of Citizens
The strike force should be stricken from our community, or reformed at the very least.
SNAP tax payer money should not fund soda industry
Stop indirectly subsidizing the parasitic corn and sugar industries? Oh SNAP!
Conserving Biodiversity
A reflection on the results of the most recent Living Planet Index

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