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Michelle Ryan

Freelance Travel Writer

Location icon Australia

I'm a hiking and world traveller, a freelance travel writer as well as a local Perth Artist with a thirst for adventure. Being a wife and mother for the past 25 years and I'm now very focused and passionate about my long distance hiking throughout the world as well as developing my writing and artwork.
Having already walked many long hikes including countries like the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway and Alaska, I have also walked many throughout Australia. My Dream, To share my passion with the World in hope to encourage many people to find their passion.

Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is one of Australia's best long-distance bushwalking tracks. It is in Western Australia starting in the beautiful town of Kalamunda and stretches 1000 kilometres south to the historical coastal town of Albany. This bush track finds itself winding through conservation parks, national parks, past reservoirs, through jarrah, marri, and wandoo forests, past mines and old historical timber towns.

Walkingtwobytwo and Great walks Magazine
Sleep Gear - How to choose

Published in Great Walks Magazine. How do you know what to choose when it comes to sleeping gear when hiking? Like all decisions on what to choose, it isn't as easy as just walking into the hiking store and buying a sleeping bag and sleeping mat, you need to ask yourself what type of hiking will I be doing?

Whoa Mag
My Portuguese Hike - Whoa Mag

Breathe in deep. Feel the coolness of the air moving in slowly through your body. Exhale long and slow, relaxing every muscle. It's going to be ok you can do this, you are fine. I'm sitting in the mud where I threw myself down after throwing my backpack off to the side.

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