Valerie Padovani

Lobbyist, Theater Executive Director, Writer

Location icon United States

I'm currently a lobbyist, a marketer of the political world, and I have a life long love and passion for art. Writing and storytelling are powerful tools to wield. I work to ensure the stories I tell are true, authentic, and powerful.

From Reno, Nevada

2 Market Media
Email Sales Page- The 21 Day Whole Self Detox

The following are examples of email sales/squeeze pages that were written for various 2 Market Media clients. The copy seen here was in the preferred style of the company.


Attached here are references from The Abbi Agency and 2 Market Media (both currently employed at the companies). The other reference is on the board of the theater I recently joined.

Abbi Agency

JK Belz & Associates

Jk Belz & Associates
VMT Infographic

This infographic was distilled from a dense report from the Nevada Department of Transportation. It is currently used in stakeholder meetings and with legislators for a proposed bill.