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Vix Jensen is a writer and filmmaker. She earned her Masters in Psychology in London before moving to Los Angeles. Born with cerebral palsy, she has written extensively on physical disability, but her writing also covers other, varied themes such as feminism and women, family, childhood, grief, and creativity. She has previously had her work published in Cosmopolitan Magazine UK (print and online), creative writing anthologies, and online news and blog sites.



No Fly on the WALL.
'Spirit': Centering the Voices of Disabled Women Within the Feminist Movement

There are over 11 million people living with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability in the UK according to the most recent government statistics, and yet, this is still a group largely invisible from discussions within the Feminist movement. In this post, director, producer, and disability rights activist Vix Jensen tells us why...

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK
The Rise of the 'Tiger Girlfriend'

You've probably heard of 'tiger mums' - those women who relentlessly try to hothouse their kids to success.

Print Only
On Charlie Hebdo

Jan. 8th, 2015 (PARIS) - And once again, in the wake of horrible events, I am disappointed by the internet. My feeds on various social networks have been full of non-French speakers condemning the use of #jesuischarlie, on account of their belief that Charlie Hebdo was not using its right to free speech responsibly. Cartoons are surfacing out of context, mistranslated and misunderstood. Charlie Hebdo exists within a nuanced microcosm of French society, and it doesn’t make sense to remove its...

How to handle career mistakes

Seen the news story about the bank clerk in Germany who fell asleep at his desk? The poor guy fell asleep with his finger on the '2' button on his computer keyboard, accidentally transferring MILLIONS to the wrong bank account. Awks.

Litro Magazine
Why Bikes Need Training Wheels (and When it's Okay to Take Them Off)

Why Bikes Need Training Wheels (and When it's Okay to Take Them Off) My favourite day of the week has always been Thursday. The Thursdays I like best are the ones where my bed feels like home when I wake up, but it gives me the keys to move out.

Cosmo loves: The Returned

The Returned is our new Sunday night must-watch; successfully distracting us from the end of an awesome weekend and the preparation for an early night (erm, which means we don't end up making lunches in advance like we always plan to... oops), we can't get enough of the gripping new French drama.


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