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The Boom Ground Rats: Are HeroRATs The Key to Landmine Detection?

Clearing a field of active landmines is a delicate operation. It requires intelligence, patience and precision. It's the perfect job for a rat. We take a dim view of rats, and for understandable reasons. The most celebrated rat of recent memory was a pizza thief; the most notorious rats in history helped spread a plague that nearly wiped out humanity.

Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

Now that we've moved on to Nazis, the threat of nuclear war seems like a distant memory. Upon reflection, that's probably a good thing. No one wants to think about imminent doom. But the only thing that stands between the United States and all-out war is a 200-square mile in the middle of the Pacific.

Talking To Yourself Is So Weird It Might Actually Work

Jason Moser tenses up on turbulent flights. He can't help worrying when the plane starts shaking. It's a familiar feeling, and one he can't avoid. But he has a way to make it stop. He takes a deep breath and talks to himself in silence. "Jason is feeling scared."

Rated R For Smoking

Even when he's making his final stand against a battalion of enemy robot combatants, Hound never stops chomping on his cigar. In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound's a hardened soldier, so the stogie's a shopworn cliche borne of bad World War II movies. But he's also a robot in a kid's movie.