Vincent J. Caputo


Dedicated and committed ready to tell the world what's going on.
Writing has been a passion for as far back as I can remember.
Storytelling has given me the opportunity to express myself with the written word and making journalism my career choice was a perfect fit.
Loyalty and commitment to any project I'm working on is paramount and will not quit until it's done.
I'm easygoing, adaptable, and willing to learn.


Freelance Work

Superstar Chef Maria Loi On The Unsung Greek Island

Greece means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can be a living ancient history museum, a sun kissed vacation destination, or a place dedicated to exceptional cusine and wine. But, most importantly, it's home.

Your All-Access Pass To Great Art In New York City

Even in the midst of the pandemic, New York's art scene is vibrant and varied- many museums and art galleries are open and planning exciting lineups for spring and summer. Locals and tourists are starting to come back and likely have a new appreciation for the city's status as a global arts capital, whether that means catching recent shows or revisiting the classics.

This Cristal Palace Has the Largest Champagne List in the Country

The Baccarat Hotel, in Midtown Manhattan, is one of New York's most luxurious hotels. With rooms starting in the four figures per night and filled to the brim with chandeliers, glasses and other decorations crafted with French crystals of the same name, it's no surprise that it is.

How Travel Inspired Trinny Woodall's Cult-Sensation Beauty Brand

Trinny Woodall is known as the original makeover queen with a twenty-year career in television ( What Not to Wear, and The Trinny and Susannah make-over show filmed in 16 countries) and a best-selling author. She has spent her career helping women (and some men) find the most flattering, foolproof makeup.

Discover Greece With Superstar Greek Chef Maria Loi

When I walked into the Greek restaurant Loi Estiatorio, in Manhattan's Midtown West, to pick up my to-go dinner in late March, the city had recently gone into lockdown, and there was a palapable fear in the air.

The New Safer Uber Ride Is Here: Meet The Woman Who Helped Create It

Whether it's in New Delhi, New Orleans or somewhere in-between, there's no doubt that millions upon millions of people globally have been homebound the past few months. Routine pleasures like seeing loved ones, enjoying a night out, or even just leaving your house have become impossible due to the onset of the COVID-19 virus gripping the world.

This Celebrity Go-To Facialist Is Headed To Rome

Imagine being part of a field and shaping the future for everyone in it. A rare few can attest to being such pioneers. The Hollywood facialist Sonya Dakar is one such person. The world-famous skincare guru changed the game back in 1983 with her groundbreaking skin care formulas.

A NYC Museum All About What You Don't Get To See

Most people would be lying if they said they've never fantasized about being a spy. The thrill of stealing the secrets of somebody else and getting out undetected is a rush that everyone dreams of feeling. Now in the Big Apple, on the West Side, there's a way to get that same adrenaline boost but without the danger of being caught.