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Michael Page
Managers vs Leaders: What is the Difference? [Infographic]

Though managers and leaders are often grouped into the same category, there are fundamental differences in how they achieve, motivate people, and contribute to the bigger vision of an organization. Based on industrial-organizational psychology, this infographic outlines what defines a manager and what defines a leader.

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Taiho Pharmaceutical I Now What
The Cancer Patient's Emotional Journey - Insights for Taiho Pharmaceutical

Based on in-depth interviews and research with cancer patients, caretakers, doctors, and billing managers, these are my discoveries on the emotional journey of the colon cancer patient, for the purposes of helping Taiho Pharmaceutical launch their newest mCRC medication.

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The Opinion
Top 4 Apps for Your Best Work Life Balance EVER

Mix up your internet life and boost your sense of well-being. Here is my curated list of genuinely transformative apps that will not only make you more productive, but also more purposed and overall healthier.

A Taste of GirlApproved

Let me pour you a cold glass of invigorating perspective. Mix 4oz. of fresh Post88 insight, one package of revenue optimizer, two shots of incendiary brand engineering, and a splash of psychoanalysis

The Opinion
3 Ways CSR Strengthens Your Workforce

Social impact is the new wealth. As today's market landscape turns an ear to world issues, more and more companies are investing in corporate social responsibility as a tool for strategic growth.

Michael Page
The Secret to Career Growth? Building Extraordinary Relationships. | Michael Page

No matter what level you're at in your career journey, establishing and fostering strong professional connections is critical. Whether it's your clients, colleagues, bosses, new hires, or people who come into your network by chance, these relationships add value to your work and can boost your career to the next level.

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ESPN and Now What
ESPN Monday Night Football - Mobile Mondays

MOBILE MONDAYS is about capturing fans’ Monday Night Football viewing experience, in the moment. Each Monday, 20+ fans will respond to exercises before, during and after the game on their smartphone, using our mobile ethnography tool, Blography®

Now What + ARDMS
Brand Portfolio Strategy for a Global Sonography Organization

I had the opportunity to expand the ARDMS brand’s reach beyond North America, allowing it to capture the immense international growth in sonography and become the global leader in the industry. This includes expanding beyond the existing base of sonographers to also include physicians and other POC users (midwives, EMs and PAs)