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Victoria Louis is a university trained journalist who 'switched camps' & worked as a Marketing Manager for more than 15 years.

Combining strong business-savvy, with SEO training and insightful words, Victoria is adept at creating the engaging, authentic content that modern brands & publishers demand.

When she's not crafting brief-slaying commercial content for agencies, publishers or copy clients, Victoria can be found sharing wry parenting truths or fast breaking the latest trending topic.

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Campaigns / Native Content / Sponsored

Know Meningococcal for GSK
Know the Signs of Meningococcal Disease and Trust Your Motherly Instincts

This wasn't an 'ordinary cold' and her instincts told her that her four-month-old son needed urgent medical attention. Unfortunately, it took three visits to the hospital emergency department before a doctor identified that her baby was suffering from bacterial meningitis. Meningitis is a serious condition that occurs when the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord become inflamed.

Euky Bear
11 Tips to Help Ease the Winter Colds and Flu with Babies and Children

Fact. There's nobody more desperate than a mum whose little one is suffering a long and lingering cold. With the limitations on medicines a small child can be given, and the hours of crying, unsettled discomfort and sleepless nights ahead, a winter of sickness can test the whole family.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia
ANCAP Safety Ratings Explained. How One Extra Star Could Save a Life

When you're in the market for a new car it's an exciting and confusing time! We all want the maximum bells and whistles we can get for our budget but how do we really understand the safety of a vehicle? Good news mums, that's what ANCAP is all about!

Fussy Eaters: Aussie Mums Emotionally Drained by Mealtimes

Over 90% of parents confessed to feeling stressed, anxious or emotionally drained at mealtimes. Aside from the dinner table frustrations, 86% of mums cited their greatest concern is that their children are not consuming what they need nutritionally on a daily basis.

Mega HALF PRICE Freezer Food Sale TOMORROW ONLY at Woolworths

Here's everything you need to know to stock up and save in this once in a lifetime opportunity: Woolworths will slash half price off its freezer food items for one day only Save 50% off all your favourite big-name brands The Australian supermarket giant has announced the mega online sale

Hello Fresh
10 Reasons Why Every Family Should Really Cook Dinner From Scratch

From microwave meals to pre-packaged-plastic-fantastic we've lost our way when it comes to family food. The truth? We're largely sabotaging the beauty of real food on so many levels! We're missing out on the nutritional benefits of fresh ingredients, the quality time that real food brings and the rich learnings of family food customs and cooking.

Savvy Insurance
The 12 Important Ways to 'Adult' Now You've Got Kids. How Many Do You Do?

Some of the details parents need to handle are joyous, wonderful tasks. But some of the matters are harder to talk about and thus often ignored. Sure, nobody likes to think doom and gloom, but if you're committed to safeguarding your family, there's probably a few uncomfortable conversations ahead.

Swaddle Safely from Birth to Beyond

In the early days, swaddling a newborn seems so natural. They look delicious and seem so content bundled up, warm and safe in their bassinet. But swaddling becomes a whole new ball game once your tiny newborn grows and starts displaying signs of rolling or moving around the cot.

Little Bodies
Aussie Mums give Little Bodies Five Stars for Eczema Relief

One thing eczema mums are unanimous on is just how draining eczema management can be. The scratching. The stinging. The fighting at cream time. The tears - from everyone! Well, Little Bodies has released a naturally-derived three product regimen that not only soothes the dreaded itches, but moisturises skin and helps prevent flare-ups as well.

National Pharmacies Optical
Get Free Glasses for Kids 12 and Under with National Pharmacies Optical

If you're lucky enough to be an SA mumma, National Pharmacies has really got you covered. They've launched a brand new membership benefit that means all children 12 and under qualify for free glasses. Here's everything you need to know about this amazing offer.

Mountain Buggy Prams
23 Things I Learned as My Family Grew.

It's a tricky school. You will laugh, you will adapt, you will find strength and flexibility you never knew you possessed. You will build and lose confidence. You will have wonderful weeks and disastrous days. What you learn tomorrow will make todays' little bit of knowledge obsolete.

Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger Welcomes Two Fab New Models to the City Mini Family

Whether you choose the City Mini 2 or the City Mini GT2, you're going to be the envy of the street with a brand new, latest model, feature-packed pram. Read on to find out everything that's to love about these exciting new releases - and to see which model is best suited to you.
How Do I Choose the Best Childcare for My Little One?

That's why you want to choose the best childcare around. Placing your child into care for the first time can be an emotional, confusing and worrying experience. While you may be excited to return to work and rediscover your old self, leaving a little one in someone else's charge can be a very consuming and difficult time.

Clairol Nice N Easy
Fake it Fabulous: 11 Super Easy Hair Hacks for Busy Mums

Mumma, take it from us, a strong hair game is literally smoke and mirrors. Fake it 'til you make it with these ultra-simple and game changing hair hacks. We've compiled 11 of the best, specifically chosen for busy mums. We promise there's not a 35-minute braid, salon-only product or style you need more-arms-than-Henry-the-Octopus to execute in sight...

Water Wipes
Happy Bottom, Happy Baby: 9 Things to Know About Nappy Rash

These 9 tips will not only help you understand nappy rash but also prevent this common but uncomfortable condition. Red bums be gone! Your baby's skin is nearly half the thickness of yours. This means it's also far more delicate and prone to becoming damaged or sore.

Pet Secure (Insurance)
Eight Important Questions to Ask Before You Get a Family Dog

But before you decide on your new Fluffy, Fido or Wags, here's what you need to know to make sure you make an informed decision. After all, as the saying goes, a pet is for life... Technically there's no right or wrong age but if you're pregnant or have a newborn it's probably not ideal.

Britex Australia
The Best Way to Clean Your Grout & Tiles with Britex

Here's your chance to join the Mum Central Review Panel and #changeyourlife by putting the Britex Deep Cleaning Grout & Tile System through its paces! Tiled surfaces are an Australian way of life. Cool under foot, robust to family life and easy to maintain - well, apart from the grout.

News / General Interest

It's Official! Mums Need to Go Out With Friends Twice a Week for Health & Happiness

In case you needed an excuse to get out of the house with your pals, here's the research. Robin Dunbar, the researcher behind the study, was interviewed by The Vancouver Sun where she reported that women's overall health and wellbeing is improved when they get together with four best friends twice a week in meetings where they "do things".

Could Your Fussy Eater be Neophobic?

And secondly, stay calm mum, you do not need to panic. Having a picky or fussy eater can manifest in extreme feelings far more than being frustrated or annoyed. Parents of fussy eaters can feel stressed, anxious and emotionally drained at mealtimes.

Numbers for Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse in Preschool & Primary Years May Increase

Professor Freda Briggs from the University of South Australia told the ABC that children as young as five are displaying problem sexualised behaviour. The Professor who wrote a paper called "Child sexual abuse in early-childhood care and education settings" highlights important issues that every parent should understand.

Mum Warns After Baby Almost Dies From Popular Teething Gel Poisoning

Jessica's baby Athena was flown to Auckland's Starship Hospital unresponsive and in respiratory distress. Jessica has described to New Zealand media that Athena was "minutes away from death" on arrival. At the hospital, baby Athena was sedated and put onto a breathing machine while the doctors did blood infusions and transfusions, Vermunt said.

Not Paying Child Support? Australia Says, 'Pay Up' or You're Grounded

A joint operation between the Department of Immigration and the Child Support Agency is swiftly putting the brakes on the travel plans of parents who aren't paid up. Departure Prohibition Orders, that stop parents with child support debts from leaving Australia, collected more than $10 million in unpaid child support from 1800 "deadbeat" parents in 2016/17.

Study Proves 'Screen Addicted' Kids Are Miserable

Researchers have found that teens who spend a lot of time in front of screen devices - playing games, using social media, texting, watching videos and chatting - are less happy than those who participate in non-screen activities.

Kmart for Mum Central
The Official Pics: What You Can Expect in Kmart's New Range Launching THIS WEEK

Even better, Mum Central's got the sneak peak for you from Kmart itself. Here ar the hottest images around showing you exactly what'll be in store this week. Be warned, you're going to want it all. #wantitall The range spans furniture, homewares, interiors and outdoor decor. There's also dining, bedding and bathroom accessories.

Sydney Living Magazine
Autumn Beauty Round Up

Autumn Beauty Say goodbye to sun - kissed summer and transition into the cooler months with these gorgeous autumn finds. From fallen leaf reminiscent hues to warm ‘n cosy scents, let the changing season inspire you to try something new

Finlee & Me
5 Gross Contagious School Conditions You're Sure to Catch

It's back to school time now so we are sharing the top 5 gross contagious school conditions. From conjunctivitis through to warts, nits and gastro. We has covered it all for Finlee and Me readers. Read on for how to deal with them and better yet how to avoid.

Research Further Confirms a New Baby-Making Sperm Superfood

Two separate studies have confirmed that walnuts are in fact, the nuts that are good for.... your nuts! (Okay, no more puns we promise. This is serious science.) Two studies, one on men and one on mice have both demonstrated that walnuts can increase sperm quality by reducing lipid peroxidation, a process that can damage sperm cells.

100 Most Popular Baby Names in Australia For This Year

The 10 most popular baby names in Australia for 2017 is a mixing pot of mostly traditional with a smattering of modern monikers thrown in. Some of the more popular baby names of previous years have finally dropped from the top 10 and there's a few surprising newcomers.

Ideas for Back to School Organisation? Here's the 21 Best of the Best Hacks!

We know some of you are crazy Pinterest addicts who love extreme organisation and well, some of you are flying by the seat of your not-ironed-pants. So, sure there's some fancy examples below but there's also some nice 'n easy ideas for those who might be renting, on a tight budget or just can't be stuffed to find matching pencil tins!

Royal Baby: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Bub is Born!

A beaming Harry approached the press outside Frogmore Cottage, saying: "It's been the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined. "How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. But we're both absolutely thrilled.

Family Seek $63,000 Nanny: Must Not Be Afraid of Working in Haunted House

It seems like a dream job. A great salary of over $60,000 and 28-days holidays per year. But there's one, small, ghostly catch. Your place of employment is haunted... Yep. There's a family seeking a nanny for their haunted house. The Scottish family posted an ad for a nanny on

11 Things that Shocked Me When I Became a New Mum

Forgot What to Expect. Just expect the unexpected. We asked our , ' What Surprised You Most About New Motherhood ?' Here are 11 of the most real, relatable and funny replies. Glamorised images of spotless linen couches, smiling bubs chilling with a rattle on a fluffy rug while mum looks on dressed like a model from the Witchery catalogue?

Travel / Events / Tourism / Destinations

The Best of SYDFEST 2019: So Many Free Activities for Families!

Running 9th to 27th January 2019, there's no better way to fill the summer holidays on your city's beautiful foreshore and the greater Sydney suburbs. Here's Mum Central's list of SYDFEST 2019 must-see events and activities! If you've a little space-fan in the house you're going to love this!

Entertain My Tribe
Sunday Mornings in Sydney? Entertain the Tribe at Windsor Mall Markets

If you're not familiar with this little slice of semi-rural heaven, Windsor is a historic township based on the Hawkesbury River. The architecture is gorgeous with many period homes and first settler residences as you drive towards the Windsor Mall Market. The feel is upbeat with a country-ilk.

Greater Western Sydney Living
Mad About the Milkshake

If you like your beverages a little more creamy and whole lot crazier, you're in luck! Whether it's a treat for the kids (or your own inner child just can't grow up) here's Greater Sydney's most outrageous milkshakes. #youhavebeenwarned

Kidspot: Things To Do with Kids in the Hills District

The Hills are alive, with the sound of... kids (and their parents) having THE BEST TIME EVER! The leafy Hills District in North Western Sydney is a true family playground. With homes as far as the eye can see, this suburban mecca has locals spoilt for choice when it comes to kid-friendly fun.

Greater Sydney Living Magazine
Wild in Western Sydney

If you’ve ever wondered where monkeys go when the circus spotlight dims, Banana Cabana is the answer. For over 30 years this Sanctuary has lovingly nurtured special needs and aging primates providing them with a comfortable and dignified retirement.

Entertain My Tribe: Tough love tips for awesome trips: How to have OS family holidays everyone...

As an adult, there’s the type of trip you dream of going on. And the trip you actually end up planning when you’re travelling with kids. Right? Wrong! The gap need not actually be that big. And family holidays need not always be on ‘Plantation Island’. With great planning, an adventurous spirit and realistic expectations you can actually have amazing overseas jaunts the whole family will enjoy.

Greater Sydney Living Magazine
Sydney Fresh Feeds

Tempted to try somewhere new? Greater Sydney is taste-buds-a-flutter for a long list of freshly opened dining destinations that are not only impressive but deliciously close to home.

Greater Sydney Living
Time For Tea

We will be wanting to get out and about when the current situation blows over so for those that will be seeking a little refinement, Greater Sydney's burgeoning tea scene provides great choices for sampling classic brews, handcrafted specialty blends or authentic Asian traditions.

Corporate / Web Content / Client Blogging

The Epping Club
Quarterly In House Magazine

Work with the client to establish calendar of activity, CEO message and promotions and then translate all into a easy-to-read and engaging in-house magazine for the Club.

Clients Website
Website Text for Children's Fashion Photographer

Produce snappy & engaging text for a client website that is inline with their branding and voice yet optimised for SEO. Capture the essence of the clients visual work in words. Differentiate the clients family work with their commercial work by identifying client needs and writing for different audiences.

Client Website
Website Copy for DC Concrete

Work with client to understand target audience, branding and technical components to deliver website copy that is engaging, informative and optimised for SEO.

Persian Rug Co.
Six Home Design Tricks You Can Achieve With a Persian Rug

Some interior design challenges can be solved more easily than you imagine - with a rug! Here's six ways you can enhance the look, style and shape of spaces in your home with clever use of a gorgeous - and strategically placed - rug...

Client Website
Website Text for Family Portrait Photographer

Produce emotive, informative text for a client website that is inline with their branding and voice yet optimised for SEO. Capture the essence of the clients visual work in words.

Persian Rug Co.
​From Floors To Walls - Hanging a Rug In Your Home

The resurgence of a trend to embrace; hanging your rugs as feature art pieces... For centuries, handmade rugs have been considered such valuable works of art that despite their practical calling for use on the floor, owners have proudly displayed them upon their walls.

Food / Recipes

11 Creme Egg Dessert Recipes: Taking Your Easter Obsession Next Level!

Guess what? Here's 11 ridiculously decadent ways to turn these babies from chocolate to dessert. Recipes included of course! Cadbury Creme Eggs. How we love thee. Is there anything more delicious? From the moment they delightfully return to the shops each year we seem unable to be able to resist their gold and purple lure.

Best of the Best: 9 Mouth-Watering Nutella Desserts You Can Make!

Well, maybe it can. Mum Central has rounded up nine of the most mouth-watering, lust-inducing recipes you've ever seen. Whether you plan on actually making these (there's a link to every recipe of course!) or just want to enjoy some # nutellaporn we've got the good stuff right here.

Best Pancake Recipes: 13 Decadent & Delicious Ideas to Make You Drool

How do you like your pancakes? At Mum Central we like them decadent. The more dripping, chocolate-y, rich and gooey the better. Of course the great thing about pancakes is they're a family favourite for everyone, the hardest part of a 'pancakes for dinner' treat night is deciding which of these 13 sinfully good versions to make.

Get Rid of Left Over Easter Eggs: 6 Ingredient Chocolate Brownies

Never fear, Mum Central is here with this quick recipe to use up all the chocolate that's hanging around... Easy to make, delicious to taste and using ingredients you'll already have in the pantry here's how to solve your left over Easter egg problems with ease...

Immunity Boosting Pineapple Winter Smoothie (AKA Incredible Hulk Juice!)

When it comes to a 'family-friendly' smoothie taste is super-important so this is an ideal choice because it's as yummy as it is healthy. Packed with vitamins, high in antioxidants and rich in bromelain this will help keep nasties at bay and give your immune system a friendly rev-up!

Trending / Viral / Cheeky Content

Nobody Likes a Cockblock. A Picture Book For Adults Who Aren't Getting Any!

When Go the F*ck to Sleep came out, parents worldwide immediately identified. The desperation, the frustration, the sheer can't-take-one-more-second-of-you-ness of getting your kids to bed resonated around the globe. We loved how that spirited book dared to put in words how so many parents feel at bedtime.

I'm pregnant! But What About my Implants, Botox, Tats, Piercings & More....

Ever wondered how that body-mod you got all those years ago might impact conception, pregnancy, birth or feeding? Us too! We asked around and were surprised at just how many people didn't actually know! The team at Mum Central has, of course, rolled up their sleeves and delved into the research!

Get Pregnant Tonight: Six Sex Tips to Fall Pregnant Faster!

Obviously you know what you and your Baby Daddy have got to do to get that plan in action (wink, wink)... but do you know these six sex tips to help you fall pregnant faster? There are half a dozen things you can do right now to help aid a faster conception.

5 Things Your Bestie Won't Tell You About Your Post Birth Vagina

Only whisperingly eluded to the 'post-birth vagina' seems to be a topic everyone steers clear of... Maybe for the veteran Mum's it's a repressed memory after years of nursing, settling and parenting? Or perhaps it's because the 'sisterhood' demands we don't scare the newbies off for life with graphic, petrifying details.