Victoria Skye Jones


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Victoria Jones is an Austin based content creator writing about women and queerness through science fiction and horror.

Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Seven

There are hundreds of ways for worlds to end. In this apocalypse-themed issue of Neon we explore just a few of them, from the collapse of Stanley Kubrick's elaborate city within a film set, to a plague of uncontrollable floating.

Crystal Sugar Spoons

A friendly chat between some neighborhood kids at the neighborhood's resident haunted house.

Something Old

Warren J. goes home to visit an old friend, hoping to win an argument.


Having been hastily ushered into Detention Fishbowl #15 around the hour and a half mark, Suzu and Keith's conversation had quickly devolved from mild pleasantries (although pleasant is a flattering term) to another annoying debate on white hetero-patriarchal normativity. Talking to Keith in detention was the conversational equivalent of gnawing your leg off to escape a bear trap.