Vicki Leigh

Creative & content writer | Fundraiser

United Kingdom

Manchester-based writer.

Portfolio includes content for VCSE, culture, and wellbeing sectors, book reviews, and creative writing.


Creative Writing

Five Minutes

All morning, her cries slice through the sparkling arias of woodland songbirds...

Five Minutes
Woodland Ambush

I dance on tiptoes over low-lying nettles, emerging into the shimmering glade as coos descend from up in the rustling canopy above...

Five Minutes
Coke & Mirrors

After stumbling across the gangway at Frankfurt during a layover, I’m suddenly in a heart-racing haze at security, an officer observing my disoriented self, swabbing my belongings for “substances"...

The Write Words

Competition no. 8 shortlist (story not published).

Afrocats CIO news posts (2021-present)

Afrocats | CIO
Spring has sprung for Afrocats

This time of year, daffodils and sunshine start peeking through - and the Afrocats and kittens are back at it with a burst of springtime energy on our amazing Youth of the World programme.

Afrocats | CIO
Integration, community and creativity

From Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th October 2022, we were delighted to be back with our friends at The Whitworth to launch 'Afrocats x The Whitworth'.

Afrocats | CIO
Freedom, fun, together, peace

There's so much going on at our Youth Of The World Saturday sessions - and last weekend was no exception!

Manchester Community Central
Spirit of Manchester Awards 2022 - Shortlist

Shortlisted award nominations for Afrocats (Creative Community Spirit) and Manchester Youth Zone (Volunteer Involving Organisation) at The Spirit of Manchester Awards 2022.

Afrocats | CIO
Weaving, words and circus play

Afrocats hold another session designed to unleash the imagination of the diverse young people we work with. (2021-2022)

Hot Stone Spa Willesden Green (2021-2022)

The Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing Book Reviews (2017-2021)