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Vanessa Wolosz

Location icon United States

Growing up during the watershed of the information age, I have made it my mission to adapt my traditional literary and language arts background to the standards of new-age media. Following my undergraduate education, I intend to pursue a master's degree in Digital Humanities to help me create material that is synergistic to the evolution of cyberspatial interfaces.

Emma Seligman's "Shiva Baby" Is A Screenshot Of Prolonged Adolescence In The Information Age:...

Has there ever been a more commonly visited scene in cinema than that of a funeral? The standing-over-the-casket, femme-fatale-in-a-black-netted-veil, umbrellas-shielding-the-protagonist-from-convenient-rain, religious-figure-droning-on-in-a-somber-tone image is overdone, to say the least, but writer-director Emma Seligman completely inverts this quotidien display in favor of a helter-skelter shiva in her debut film, Shiva Baby.

Please Stop Making TV About White Writers In New York City

There are many things to complain about right now: the American healthcare system, how many different streaming websites are trying to rob you, and the state of Florida. Please, allow me to contribute to this neverending list, presenting to you the worst contemporary television archetype: a white writer who lives in New York City.

The Tribe Online
The Importance of Reconciling Authors with Their Works During the #MeToo Movement

Vanessa N. Wolosz interrogates the often problematic debate of whether to separate an author's creation from their personal actions and reputation, particularly with regards to David Foster Wallace and Junot Díaz within the greater context of the #MeToo movement. There exists a popular and ongoing debate in the art and entertainment industries, one surrounding the nature of creatorship.