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Read Leaves: Short-stories for long study breaks

If there's one thing St Andrews doesn't lack, it's distractions from the extremely enriching and necessary class work which never seems to stop piling up. And here I am, offering you a list of ten more distractions to crowd your browser's tab bar.

Owl Eyes Magazine
9 Books for 2019

By this time in the semester, it's probably safe to assume that many new year's resolutions have sorta...fizzled out. That doesn't mean that efforts to make 2019 an exceptional year should be disregarded. To make 2019 a unique, unconventional year, we can start by consuming unique, unconventional written works.

Owl Eyes Magazine
The Playlist: Halloween

If, for some absolutely ridiculous reason, your October 31st plans revolve around drunkenly attempting to fight at least one of the two ghosts who haunt St Andrews Cathedral, then firstly: you're doing Halloween wrong. Secondly, you could probably use a few spooky tunes to rattle your bones and get you in the Halloween spirit!

Owl Eyes Magazine
The Front Bottoms' Going Grey: Reviewed

First things first: The Front Bottoms aren't all that good. Sorry. But their newest album, Going Grey, is somehow the best album of 2017 anyway (sorry Harry Styles, I still love you).

The Tribe Online
The Importance of Reconciling Authors with Their Works During the #MeToo Movement

Vanessa N. Wolosz interrogates the often problematic debate of whether to separate an author's creation from their personal actions and reputation, particularly with regards to David Foster Wallace and Junot Díaz within the greater context of the #MeToo movement. There exists a popular and ongoing debate in the art and entertainment industries, one surrounding the nature of creatorship.

Owl Eyes Magazine
(Not so) Sorry to Bother You

I've already annoyed all of my friends by speaking about how much I love the film ; the only outlet I have left by which to communicate my feelings is to strangers on the internet. is a masterpiece of modern cinema, and I paid to see it three times after its American release in July.

Protocol Magazine
The Ethical Expense of Contemporary Smartphone Infatuation | Protocol Magazine

Part of acknowledging one's position of privilege in society is undertaking more ethical approaches to consumption. This is a complicated task under the conditions of late capitalism, but particularly in the 2010's when considering the ubiquity of smartphone ownership. By 2020, it is projected that smartphone ownership worldwide will rise to 2.87 billion.

The Tribe Online
A Literary Defense on the Part of Pop Poetry

Over the course of my (admittedly relatively short) lifetime, I've witnessed several literary trends staunchly latched onto by young adult audiences. These include the influx of YA magical realism titles like Twilight and The Mortal Instruments as well as the almost bizarre popularity of science-fiction dystopian novels that seemed to result from the success of The Hunger Games franchise.