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It's never been easier to become a blogger, but there's also never been so much competition. Although you can sign up to a free site and begin publishing your writing within minutes, it's now much harder to stand out and get noticed than it has been in the past.

Geeky Girl Reality - kickstarting STEM careers
5 Tips on Landing your First Job

Whether you're a girl with big dreams for her career or someone just beginning to think about what the future will bring, achieving your goals in the world of work isn't something you have to do alone. Take a look at these five easy tips to get you started: 1.

Choose A Bamboo Pillowcase For Better Hair

You might be surprised to hear that your sleeping arrangements can affect how good your hair looks. If you've been struggling with broken strands and damaged lengths, the solution could be some bamboo sheets and a pillowcase.

Furless Cosmetics Australia
@orlaynanicole Makeup Artist

@orlaynanicole Orlayna Nicole might have started small, but since her first post, she has exploded in terms of both skill and creativity. The transgender artist from Texas began her journey with everyday makeup styles, which boasted a blend of subtle colours and statement lines.

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