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Amsterdam Dance Event Book 2016
Down and Up in LA

The Los Angeles dance music scene has survived the lean times to become one of the most exciting on the planet. Valerie Lee, US digital editor of Mixmag, tells dance's LA story.

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Impact: REZZ

Impact profiles raw talent that's about to turn dance music on its head. Next up: REZZ Niagara Falls might be a city revered for a series of awe-inducing waterfalls, but more recently it's also become known as the hometown of a 21-year old force of a very different kind of nature.

8 party crews putting Los Angeles on the map

LA's better known for its glamour and celebrity than its underground club culture. But that's starting to change thanks to a young, hardy and very up for it crowd who aren't willing to accept what they've been given by the city so far.

Meet Team Dirtybird

You know the sound: the kind often described using phrases that include the word "booty" and "bounce". And you know the faces: think of Justin Martin's infectious smile and affection for pizza, the allure and awe of the tiny, but powerful J.Phlip and none other than Claude VonStroke's lovable role as the leader of the Dirtybird pack.

10 Miami moments that we couldn't have made up even if we tried

There are certain places around the world that are known for the outlandish, totally garish antics that you'll inevitably get into while visiting. You might think of the obvious: Ibiza, Las Vegas and, not least, Miami, especially during the industry convergence known as Music Week.

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1 Billion and Counting: Eric Zho on the massive untapped electronic music market in China

Already well over a decade into the Western world's climaxing commercial boom of the electronic music phenomenon, it seems as though there is no place left on Earth that the genre hasn't touched. Youths all over Europe, South America, Japan, Korea, Australia and even parts of Africa have responded to the movement loudly with a resounding "yes."

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
Out of the 'Boat', And Into the Frying Pan

When I was young, friends would always excitedly tell me that I look just like Lucy Liu. Though absolutely complimentary, these occurrences were mildly confusing as I eventually came to realize that I share nearly no physical similarities with the Charlie's Angels star, besides the fact that we are both thin Asian females with freckles.

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To American Apparel From a Model: Sorry for Being 'Too Real'

To American Apparel, I thank you for once giving me and countless other customers the courage to believe that we are beautiful even without makeup and just as the sizes we are. May that valuable lesson live on -- far beyond the future American Apparel brand.

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Dance Music Versus the Mainstream Media: 'If Country Can Dance, Why Can't We?'

A blanket of dismal expectancy shrouds every new festival or high profile EDM show. It arrives in the form of a vulture; a hovering media presence eyeing any opportunity to snatch up crumbs of information to then instigate "conversations" where dance music culture and its fans are berated, over and over again.

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An electric desert experience: the 2014 EDC Las Vegas phenomenon

Countless voices have attempted to explain Electric Daisy Carnival in merely a phrase; some summed up the event as a "rave experience," a "dance extravaganza," and even a "dazzling, multi-sensory ode to electronic dance music."

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Kaskade divulges 'Redux,' a ten-year house love story [EP Review]

For most, Redux began one year ago, when Kaskade coyly introduced a nine-stop 'It's You, It's Me Redux' tour for the very first time. But for Kaskade, Redux has been a decade-long journey in the making. 'It's You, It's Me Redux' was incepted in celebration of the ten year anniversary of Ryan Raddon's first musical milestone and wide success.


Like fashion, electronic music moves at lightning pace, meaning that with the blink of an eye, everything can change. In 2014, Singapore's young music scene was pulsating: Singaporean night club brand, Zouk, continued to maintain its status as a global club leader while its festival extension ZoukOut entered into its fourteenth successful year.

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