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Valentina Cipriani

Staff Writer at Finder UK

Former Content Manager at Blasting News.
MA International Journalism at City University of London.
Work experiences at The Conversation, OnLondon, Archants, RightsInfo.

Words in English and Italian on fintech, society, international politics, books and London life.

Finder UK
NatWest announces plans to trial budgeting app Mimo | Finder UK

NatWest is trialling a personal finance app to help users budget and compare deals. Mimo (which stands for "money in, money out") should go live later this year, thus becoming the first budgeting app launched by a traditional bank.

Finder UK
CreditLadder review July 2019 | Finder UK

When you're a young professional, there few certainties in your financial life: one is that you'll spend too much on gin and tonics, another one is the standing order with which you pay the rent on the first day on the month, and the third is that the two of them combined mean you'll only have spare change to do your grocery shopping for the remaining 29 days.

Are We at a Turning Point for Workers' Rights in the Gig Economy?

Recent sentences have ruled in favour of gig economy workers, stating that they cannot be regarded as self-employed and asserting their right to holiday and sick pay. Will Uber, Deliveroo, and the others be forced to change their business model?

Decode Magazine
Beyond The Great Firewall of China

When Westerners think of internet censorship in China, they usually picture a Big Brother-like world, where innocuous characters such as Winnie The Pooh and Peppa Pig can be blocked for obscure reasons and citizens have no access to international news. But the system that keeps the Chinese web under tight control is a sophisticated machine...

On London
Will EU citizens use London borough elections to send a message on Brexit?

Valentina Cipriani is doing a masters course in international journalism at City University. This is her first piece for On London. London's borough elections on 3 May could be the last time non-UK EU citizens are entitled to vote in the capital and pro-Remain parties are keen for them to turn out and use their...