Vahn Wyrde

Story Writer


This is a compilation of some of my works both complete and drafts.

My style of writing is heavily inspired by Japanese Light Novels which I believe is the style that suits me best. For it is efficient, compact, easily digestible, and provides colorful illustrations and a unique style of storytelling.

My most ideal platform as a storyteller and writer is video games, for it has "Interaction". A way for the readers/players to interact, insert themselves and enjoy the story in a way that only a video game can accomplish. I love anime and video games, which is also where I found my passion for writing and being a game developer.

DISCLAIMER: Those tagged with "fanfiction" means they are merely works of fiction. The Movies, Anime, and Video Games referenced and used for inspiration are owned by their respective owners.



Song lyrics
May 19, 2018
Treasure of the galaxy

Song inspired by "Stargazing of a vacationing couple under the night sky". Original. No beat/music yet, only vocals

Song lyrics
Viva La Hero

Parody song of "Viva La Vida" by the band "Coldplay" Inspired by the theme: "A lone hero against the world"


Short story
Jul 2, 2019
The Shed Of Green And Blue

A nerdy guy who turned a bus shed into his own personal man-cave is in for a long night when a beautiful white haired girl suddenly appeared.

Short story
Jun 9, 2018
Three's a Crowd

A small peak in a trio of Friend's everyday life in a shared apartment.

Broken Waltz

Tatara hates himself. He hates that he loves dancing, yet thinks of regretting to dance. Because he couldn't take their competitive rivalry anymore. The more they compete, The more they become rooted as friends. He hates himself, and thinking of quitting to dance, just to have a chance and be selfish. Fanfiction of anime "Welcome to the Ballroom!"

Oct 10, 2019
Shut Up And Dance With Me

Hiccup was coerced by Jack to go clubbing one night in exchange for a limited edition frost dragon figurine from a movie franchise. Little did he know, that he would have a night he would never forget in the form of a pale blonde haired girl in a backless blue dress. Fanfiction of Different movies including but not limited to: "How to train your dragon", "Frozen", and "Rise of the guardians"

Ishtar's morning tea

One of Ishtar's morning routine at Chaldea. Fanfiction of the game "Fate/Grand Order" from the media collective "Fate series" of Type-Moon, a prominent Japanese game company, best known for their visual novels.

Fate Grand Order: Alternative Belt

He cannot take it. The doctor that was full of smiles, the director that he failed to save... standing before him, protecting a girl with orange hair behind them. It was too much. "This is... Too cruel." Fanfiction of the game "Fate/Grand Order" from the media collective "Fate series" of Type-Moon, a prominent Japanese game company, best known for their visual novels.


Sep 26, 2018
The Wyrd Hotel

Wyrd Hotel follows the story of a hotel owner Vahn Wyrd and it's quirky residents. A mafia family, A successor of a large corporation, A prince from overseas, and a host and hostess. Together with the other workers inside the hotel, there is no chance for a normal day at all. But who would want that anyways? "If you're part of the hotel, you're part of the family."

Feb 4, 2019
Compiled Drafts

Compilation of random draft, ideas, and plots I thought about and immediately wrote and expanded.