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Having split her childhood between the US and Singapore, Uthara constantly ponders the meaning of home. However, she is always ready to regale with stories of her illustrious past and her confusion with the Singlish vernacular. When Uthara isn’t singing (badly) or dancing (madly), she loves reading silly poetry, sipping tea and listening to stories. Always ready for a conversation, she’s utterly fabulous!

The Art of Losing

"The art of losing isn't hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster," Elizabeth Bishop's poem "One Art" is often lauded for it is one of the few villanelles that make sense and is truly a good poem on its own.

The Novelty

"I'm sorry? I didn't catch that." "Your accent weird sia! You're an American French Fry!" "Oh! Then you're a Singaporean POTATO!" * "You! Indian girl, why you in my class! 难道你不知道 this is Chinese period? Go out quickly, 赶快! " "Class, what shall we sing today?" "Oh yea, that's a good one!

[Review] Through the Looking Glass

NUS Dance Synergy's latest production, Through the Looking Glass is more than a celebration of the group's 35 years. It is a collage of contemporary pieces beautifully choreographed by Synergisers, old and new. If anything, this showcase encapsulated the strong bonds forged between the members and with the return of several alumni dancers, proved that old is indeed gold.

Review: So Sorry About Little India

Indians are widely stereotyped as notorious talkers. Now add a microphone, four shots of testosterone and you get Evam's 'Stand-up Tamasha' in their Singaporean edition, So Sorry About Little India.

Poached Mag
The problem with speaking your mind

Why is it that people are always told NOT to bottle up their feelings? Infuriating shows like Grey's Anatomy constantly exemplify the benefits of speaking your mind and the costs of bottling up your feelings. If you love somebody, you tell them, even if you're scared it will cause problems or burn your life to the ground.

The Chetti Melakan Way

Madam Kamala, a Chetti Melakan, is part of a rich culture that draws from the heritage of three different races in Singapore. She talks about the difficulties of sustaining old traditions in a new world. If you sit down with Madam Kamala and listen to her converse in rapid English interspersed with Malay, you might not realise that she is Indian.

Bantaa 91
FUCK MEN. ⋆ Bantaa 91

Before I start, let me make a little disclaimer. This article comments on men in general, not as a rule. While the comments in this article are based on a wide variety of women's dating experiences, this is not an exhaustive list.

Digital Marketing Consultants
The content debate: long-form vs short-form

In today's increasingly connected world, the content is king. We have an astronomical amount of information at our fingertips. It has changed the way we view everything, including healthcare (hint: WebMD). When you throw in the different means of access, such as the number of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, we find that there is a lot of people consuming a massive amount of content.