Udhaya Kulandaivelu

Creative Scribe

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Whether it’s a song lyric, a line of dialogue, a product blurb, or a persuasive flyer… it all comes down to word craft. Not just the sensible, not just the suitable, not just the linear, not just the abstract, it will be the placement of words in passionate precision. Words are the juice I squeeze into whatever the portal whatever the vessel.

If my heart and mind don’t fight over what I write then the eyes and ears that receive them won’t care.

Credo Mobile Video Campaign
Script for Video Campaign

This is a script I wrote to bring out the socio-political impact of choosing Credo Mobile phone service.

Website Landing Page Content
Welcome to Naked Wines!

This is a sample article I wrote to welcome visitors to the Naked Wines website landing page.

Marketing Brochure/Product Catalog
Earth Made Imports

This is a Marketing brochure that I created to showcase a granite and stones importer.

Political Article
Aid to Africa

A political article I wrote to discuss the failings of aid without accountability.

Movie Screenplays
Udhaya's Screenplays

This is a collection of my screenplays covering various genres. I hope you get to view these in one of your devices in the near future.

the violet hour

Based on the wisdom of world literature and knowledge of personal experience, I wrote a novel which served as my Master's thesis.

Udhaya's Prosody

my soul juice is poured here drink yourself silly or deride the recipe experience at your own peril

Song Lyrics
Udhaya's Lyrics

I'm slowly creating a portfolio here of songs that I have penned. I aim for songs that capture a true moment, an image, a sentiment, or a certain time, place, and feel that evoke the universal experience with an original vision.

Book Reviews
Udhaya's Reviews

This is a collection of my book reviews from a random selection of books that impacted me one way or another.

Technical Writing

This portfolio highlights my technical writing endeavors. All the content here is proprietary, so please abide by the copyright laws and use the content for evaluation purposes only.