Uba Franklin Okeafor

Producer/Screenwriter/Freelance Writer


Uba Franklin is a scriptwriter, freelance writer, author, and poet.
He is the managing partner for Christmas Film Network and Qola Entertainment Ltd.
Franklin possesses a BSc. degree in Biochemistry and is married with two lovely kids.

Some Produced Works:

Vistas, TV Series (2019); Job Description: - Producer/Joint Scriptwriter.
Eze Agu Ibo TV Serial (2015), Job Description: - Producer/Scriptwriter.
In The Salon TV Short (2014), Job Description: - Producer/Scriptwriter.

Some Commissioned TV Series:

Brethren TV Series (2019 -): Job Description:- Scriptwriter
BattleGround TV Serial (2017 - ): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
Conflict TV Serial (2017): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
Rivalry TV Series (2016): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
Fast Lane TV Serial (2015): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
The Calabash TV Serial (2014): Job Description: - Script Editor/Screenwriter
Footprints TV Serial (2014): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
The Brokers, TV Serials (2013): Job Description: - Scriptwriter
Bellas Place, TV Sitcom (2012): Job Description: - Scriptwriter

Some Movies Screenplays:

Zero Hour (2017): Job Description: Screenwriter
Talking Dolls (2017): Job Description: Screenwriter
Amina (2016): Job Description: Screenwriter
Pieces of Me (2016): Job Description: Screenwriter
John Zerebe (2015): Job Description: Screenwriter
Cobra (2014): Job Description: Screenwriter
Destitute (2011): Job Description: Screenwriter


Freelance Writer

Catching Butterflies

Catching Butterflies [Franklin, Uba] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Catching Butterflies

Personal Essay
Young Screenwriter

How can you change the game if you don’t even know the game?


Writer, Produced TV Series

Africa Magic - The union of the Brethren
The union of the Brethren

While a union between Bara and Dag was unlikely, it was imperetaive to the destruction of the illicit Founding Fathers

Writer, Produced Movies