Tyler Willis

Freelance Writer and Editor

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By providing clean, clear, and timely editing and content creation for your brand, I ensure your message is concise, effective, and persuasive.

With more than ten years of experience in literary magazine publishing and over three years in web content creation, I have developed the skills and network to provide top-end editing, proofing, and content creation.



THE PURITAN | Frontiers of New English

THE PURITAN is one of Canada's premier online literary journals. Based in Toronto. Founded in 1623. Publishing fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, interviews.


HuffPost Canada
The Millennial Renting vs Buying Real Estate Debate

You've been told, perhaps even warned, that Millennials -- or Gen Yers -- are the largest, most diverse, and well-educated demographic ever to come of age, and that as they grow into late adulthood, they will bring with them the power to make big changes.

The Blog Herald
3 Steps To A Better Classifieds Website - The Blog Herald

Classified sites provide a variety of services to individuals, businesses and employers, and are often uniquely positioned to act as a nexus between parties that might not otherwise connect with one another, and due to their low cost and the potential exposure they provide, the classified ad site continues to gain in popularity, especially as ...

A Full-Time MBA Offers More Than Just Classes - Rezzable

Prospective business students must remember that the MBA program one chooses is equally as important, if not more important than attaining the title of a Masters itself. The quality of the program and how well it prepares candidates for work in their industry of choice is what gives meaning to the degree; it is the program that provides them with the skills required to succeed in their future careers.

4 Causes of Safety Culture Problems | SafeStart

Not every suggestion that gets received is useful. Some might also be good ideas that for one reason or another aren't feasible. But if workers took the time to offer their views on potential safety movements then they're owed a brief conversation so that they know their feedback was taken seriously.