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Tyler A. Saldaña

Writer & Aspiring Journalist

Location icon United States

Tyler is a husband to Erin, an avid reader & writer, seasoned communicator & teacher, dog advocate, comic book enthusiast, coffee consumer, pop culture junkie, city dweller & experimental chef.

Loving your social media neighbor

We've all had those opportunities: Someone has posted a controversial photo, a seemingly racist/hateful status update, or attached a right-or-left wing extremist "article" or propaganda-like video that clearly lacked credibility. You ask yourself, "Do I comment and start another Facebook Feud (Twitter Tango or Instagram Instafight) or do I technologically bite my lip and move on?

Tyler Saldaña
I Don't Understand Eric Garner

Allow me a few words to clarify, please. I'm a twenty-three year old male. I grew up with a dad, a mom and a sister in a predominantly caucasian suburban middle class community. Although I am roughly three-quarter Mexican and only one-quarter Hungarian, most would say that I look white.

Tyler Saldaña
What the Church Can Learn From Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live turned 40 this year. Last night, the sketch-comedy show celebrated its four decades on the air thus far with countless stars ranging from Paul McCartney to Justin Timberlake. The three and-a-half hour show took a look back at some of the most brilliant sketches performed while also revisiting renown sketches such as Celebrity Jeopardy, Weekend Update, The Californians and more.

Tyler Saldaña
Stop Buying Slaves

We all buy slaves. The clothes we wear. The food we eat. The products we use. Each of these and much more often fuel modern-day slavery. Instead of buying humans from other continents and bringing them to our nation as our ancestors did centuries before, we have opted to bringing our chains to their homelands.

Tyler Saldaña
How to Kill Your Pastor

We don't always realize it when we hurt people, do we? Sometimes, I'll say a one-liner to my wife with no intention of hurting her. But somehow, it happens. If communicated during the wrong time, in the wrong manner, or with the wrong tone, it's understandable that she can easily receive my words as death threats instead of love.

Tyler Saldaña
What We Need to Learn From Ferguson

Last night, Monday, November 24th, 2014, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that the Grand Jury decided that there was not enough evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown on August 9th earlier this year.


He never told anyone. Why talk about it? There was nothing to say. Every family has its problems; this was theirs. Tucker grew up with it all of his life. It was an everyday occurrence. A normal routine. His dad's "bad habit." His mama never stepped in to help or even spoke of it.

Tyler Saldaña
Forty Things Jesus Never Said

About a week ago, #ThingsJesusNeverSaid was trending on Twitter. Some of them were mocking the Christian faith while others were quite insightful, enlightening us to the perception that many people have of Jesus and the church as a whole.

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