Xiangyun Lim

Editor | Content | Translator

Xiangyun has several years of experience in editorial, content marketing and project management. Her past clients include Uniqlo, Twitter, Real Estate EVIA and People’s Association (Singapore), with projects that focus on connecting brands to audiences through the human element. She has also translated for Asian Film Archive and China Film Archive, and writes for High Net Worth.

As a literary translator, Xiangyun has a particular interest in works from the Chinese diaspora and issues of identity in/and displacement. Her works can be found in Living in Babel (Canopy, 2017), The Creative Literary Studio, Poem (forthcoming Spring 2018) and Alluvium (forthcoming). She is a current recipient of the inaugural Singapore Apprenticeship in Literary Translation (SALT), and holds a MA Literary Translation programme at University of East Anglia under an International Excellence Scholarship.

For A Golden Home
Website Design and Copy, Press Kit, Social Media Marketing, Project Management

For A Golden Home is a campaign to raise both awareness and funds for our elderly living alone in one-room flats via Habitat for Humanity Singapore, while empowering and crowdsourcing projects. I conceptualised, organised, wrote proposals, website and marketing copy, worked with a designer and programmer to get the website up, reached out to people, did press relations, and other nitty-gritties of carrying the campaign out. There wasn't much sleep involved, but a lot of gratitude, for without...

GEM Residences
5 Print Broadsheets + 200pg Publication

Involved as editor and writer in the production to print: concept, project and client management, editing and writing, coordination with photographers, writers and designers, bringing the human and heritage elements to property development. One of the broadsheets can be viewed digitally here (https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/evia-static/Gem_Residences_Food_Newsletter.pdf). The 200pg publication is only available in print.

Corporate Branding and Copywriting


Technical website editing for DesFran Investment Consultancy Services, a one-stop offshore service provider with a global network of partners and a diversified portfolio of businesses.

Art Direction and Design

Cromly Stories
Infographic Design and Copywriting

Guide to Renovating Your House: Here's a quick look at what to do and know at each step of renovation―even before work starts!

Cromly Stories
Video Production

Sarah from Poppy Flora Studio arranges Tango―a floral bouquet of joyful whimsicality to bring that extra spark of special into your home. A collaboration with Cromly.

Editorial and Interviews

RØMP Magazine
Hawker Fare:

As significant as they are in our heritage as a symbol of our diversity and disapora, hawker stalls mostly run on the toils of older generations. Yet even these elders may prefer their children to seek more well-perceived livelihoods despite the importance of lineage in a hawker dish’s authenticity. [pg 10-15]

Cromly Stories
Our Homes of the Past: Common Corridors in the '80s

In the third of a series of stories about Singaporean homes in the past decades, we talk to Choy Kum Jin (Kim) about growing up in a home where the simplicity and community of the kampung spirit was still very much alive, especially in the common corridor that bound his family and neighbours together.

Cromly Stories
Tour: The Working Capitol

The energy is palpable here. Heated discussions float above furious keyboard typing, amidst a background melody of footfalls and chatter from the café downstairs. There is constant activity ― well-dressed groups of varying sizes are led to meeting rooms; pairs and trios park themselves at circular desks; the flurry of traffic streams steady.

Cromly Stories
[Tour] [email protected]: Democratising Design

After seven years of wait, [email protected] is back―and this is a place worth braving the crowds in town for. With its exclusive features along with the largest collection of design-related publications in Singapore's public libraries, this library aims to bring new meaning to the word "design"―one that is accessible, communal and essential.

Cromly Stories
[Tour] Bynd Artisan: Traditional Bookbinding in The Modern World

Amidst the growing buzz of our local handmade movement, older craftsmen mostly stay out of the spotlight, choosing to quietly continue their work with the skills that have veined their limbs with age. Bynd Artisan brings traditional bookbinding and leather making to life through their own artisans and a century of shared experiences and knowledge.

Cromly Stories
House Tour: The Collector of Stories

The difference between hoarding and collecting is immediately perceptible. A hoarder often allows his clutter to overtake functional living space, but a collector probably remembers every single possession, how it was acquired, and displays each with pride. Although he jokes that he's a hoarder, Khairul Nizam Lamin is definitely the latter.

City Nomads
Barcelona for Budget Travellers

Barcelona is an incredibly seductive city. Modern dynamism interweave with strong cultural heritage amidst a rich artistic and architectural history, making this place one of Europe's liveliest destinations. During summer, the energy amidst its streets acquires a certain magic that often traps visitors to stay beyond their plans. For those who don’t have the luxury of an expendable budget, do heed these tips for a more savvy and authentic traveling experience.