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Born Bulawayo Zimbabwe, writes on subjects across the board. Based in Dubai. Contact me at tuppy.robertson (at)

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Maldives magic

Magical destinations - Maldives

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Cultural connections

There is a strong bond between Emirati and Japanese residents, for both nationalities appreciate the similar values of good manners, hospitality, respect and craftsmanship. The...

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In focus

Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries are being encouraged to improve their infrastructure to enable accessibility for all travellers, including those with...

Cyclist Middle East

Ride on the Wild Side

Three epic mountain bike rides through Zimbabwe

Etihad Holidays 2015-2016

The Global Collection

Etihad Airways flies to six continents and Etihad Holidays guides travellers to many exciting destinations around the world. Get inspired.

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Bioluminescence - Oman

It’s like a scene from the Life of Pi,’” said Graham Church, still reeling as he recounted the events from the previous night. “Trails of jellyfish right next to the dhow were...

Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) website

How Abu Dhabi is Saving the Dugong

Rising pollution, coastal developments, boat traffic and bad fishing practices are contributing to a decline in the fortunes of the dugong - in Abu Dhabi and around the world....

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Beatrix's creatures great and small

The spectacular natural beauty of rural Cumbria has inspired many literary greats - including Beatrix Potter - and those who come to walk in their footsteps.

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Dubai World Cup: 19 burning race-day questions answered

Can you survive among the hoity-toity at Meydan? Do you know your stirrup cups from your stirrups? Here's a rough guide - from how to name-drop without causing a rumpus to the...

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Setting the falcon among the pigeons

Marley is as quiet as a mouse as he sits on falconer Peter Bergh's gloved hand. Once the calming hood is removed though, he's alert and, taking off into the oncoming breeze,...

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Camel race keeps cultural roots alive

Jostling for space against the starting gate, the camels about to head full tilt down the track don't change their facial expressions once. There's a placid acceptance of their...

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Ramadan in Turkey: Move over doner

Whatever your religious affiliation, Turkey is a fascinating place to be in during the holy month, when traditions and celebrations merge, complemented by the hospitable nature...


Rhino horror: Shot, dehorned and left to die

There were 500 000 rhinos in Africa and Asia at the beginning of the 20th century Poaching has reduced this to just 29 000 today Cheryl Robertson reports on how myths have...

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Back in Bulawayo

Return to Zimbabwe as a tourist

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Surf's up in Sri Lanka

Surfing near Hikkaduwa

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Zimbabwe: No country for old men

Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster. Nothing - not even Germany's Silver Star or the Tower of Terror on the Australian Gold Coast - can produce so many contrasting...

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Not all flight companions are boring

Airline check-in counter clerks have so much power. They can, in one swift move, relegate you to a middle seat or one of those at the back of the economy section that doesn't tilt.


Would you go to prison... voluntarily?

The nice thing about Australians is that they don't beat about the bush - they say it how it is. If your ancestors came to a country only because they were convicts in Great...

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Tsunami threat sent us running for the hills

Keeping a safe distance

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Of Handbags and Hope