Tristan Shaw

Freelance Writer

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Hello, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Tristan Shaw, and I am a Michigan-based freelance writer. I graduated with a B.A. from Wayne State University in late April 2019, where I majored in English, and minored in Asian Studies (with a concentration in Chinese). Between October 2017 and December 2018, I worked as an intern for the WSU English Department, managing the department's social media and writing for its website. Currently, I am a freelance contributor for SupChina, where I write articles about Chinese culture and film.

"The Wild Goose Lake" Movie Review

Chinese film is a niche subject. A lot of people might find Chinese movies intimidating, due to cultural differences or a lack of knowledge about the country. In my movie reviews for SupChina, I write breezy and concise articles about both classic and recent movies, such as "The Wild Goose Lake." As a writer, I believe my work should never be wordy or vague. I like keeping my articles straight-forward and comprehensible, to ensure that I can reach as wide an audience as possible.

Interview with Dr. Chera Kee

In October 2017, WSU's film club teamed up with a local theater to screen the classic horror movie "White Zombie." As part of the event, Dr. Chera Kee gave a lecture on zombie movies, and promoted her new book about the genre. I wrote this article to publicize the event and Dr. Kee's book.

Interview with Amal Rass

As part of my WSU internship, I normally interviewed a student or professor once a month. In this article, I got to meet and profile Amal Rass, a student and activist with the national organization Students Organize for Syria (SOS). Rass discussed how the organization helps with the current Syrian Civil War, and how people in our own community can assist refugees.

Wayne State University English Department
Daniel Keyes Biography

Daniel Keyes was an American writer and professor best-known for Flowers for Algernon, a science fiction novel that's sold more than five million copies since its publication in 1966. In honor of Wayne State's relationship with Keyes, I wrote this biography about his work and connection with the university.

Wayne State University English Department
Professor John Reed Career Retrospective

A familiar sight around the English department, professor John Reed taught at Wayne State for more than fifty years. Dr. Reed- a specialist of Victorian literature- retired in 2018. In celebration of his career, I wrote a retrospective about Dr. Reed and his work.

Wayne State University English Department
Interview with Professor M. L. Liebler

Both at home and abroad, M.L. Liebler is a name familiar to many lovers of poetry. The author of 15 books and chapbooks, Professor Liebler has performed readings in most of the 50 states, as well as countries as far-flung as Afghanistan, China, and Finland. In spring 2018, I got to sit down with Professor Liebler and have a chat about his travels and book projects.

The brief and scandalous film career of Madame Mao

While I normally write movie reviews for SupChina, some of my other articles touch on the history of Chinese film. Before she became the most powerful woman in China, Mao Zedong's wife Jiang Qing was a little-known actress in Shanghai. In this article, I chronicle how Jiang Qing's struggle to become an actress ultimately shaped the ruthless person she would become in the Communist-era.