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Hello, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Tristan Shaw, and I am a Michigan-based freelance writer. I graduated with a B.A. from Wayne State University in May 2019, where I majored in English, and minored in Asian Studies (with a concentration in Chinese). Between October 2017 and December 2018, I worked as an intern for the WSU English Department, managing the department's social media and writing for its website. Currently, I am a frequent contributor to SupChina, where I write articles about film and literature.

Wayne State University English Department
Interview with Nushrat Rahman

Nushrat Rahman is a Wayne State alumna who graduated with a B.A. in English Honors and a minor in Sociology earlier in the year. During her last semester at WSU, Nushrat did an internship at Hour Detroit , a monthly magazine and website with a focus on the Metro Detroit area.

Wayne State University English Department
Daniel Keyes Biography

Daniel Keyes was an American writer and professor best-known for Flowers for Algernon, a science fiction novel that's sold more than five million copies since its publication in 1966. The novel, originally a novella, is the tragic tale of a science experiment that turns a mentally challenged man named Charlie Gordon into a genius.

Wayne State University English Department
Professor John Reed Career Retrospective

Since coming to Wayne State as an assistant professor in 1965, English Professor John R. Reed has taught a number of students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. After being a familiar sight in the English Department for so long, Dr. Reed- a specialist of Victorian literature- has retired this year.

Wayne State University English Department
Interview with Professor M. L. Liebler

Both at home and abroad, M.L. Liebler is a name familiar to many lovers of poetry. The author of 15 books and chapbooks, Professor Liebler has performed readings in most of the 50 states, as well as countries as far-flung as Afghanistan, China, and Finland.

The life and death of Chinese poetry's mystical martyr

Obscure during his lifetime, Zha Haisheng has - since killing himself in 1989 - become one of the most popular and influential poets of contemporary China, remembered by his pen name, Hai Zi 海子. A strong sense of mysticism pervades his work, with references to Christianity, Hinduism, and other religions and myths.

The brief and scandalous film career of Madame Mao

Before she became the most powerful woman in China and imposed her vision of art and culture on the country, inflicting untold violence along the way, Jiang Qing was known as Lan Ping - "Blue Apple" - and was a middling actress whose failures would shape the person she would become.

The tragic end of Shi Hui, Maoist China's most promising actor-director

During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Shi Hui 石挥 was one of the most popular actors in China. His performances in movies like Miserable at Middle Age 哀乐中年 and This Life of Mine 我这一辈子 were brilliant, and today, both movies still top lists of the most-acclaimed Chinese movies.

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